False statement of PSMA

Pakistan Sugar Mills association has printed an advertisement in the newspaper claiming that Government and Cane commissioner have not taken their input in setting Cane price. They also claim that with higher prices of sugar cane the price of sugar would increase. I hope the Government and Cane Commission highlight to the PSMA that at every forum they were engaged in price calculations and in fact the cane Commission had even held a public forum every year to discuss sugar cane prices in which PSMA always takes part. And I hope the Government and Cane Commission also conduct lab testing of sugar content of sugar cane this year and show to PSMA that sugar canes produce 12-15% sugar, while PSMA falsely claims only 6-8% sugar is produced. I hope the Government also highlight how all sugar mills got free loans to install bagasse power plants that supply 90% electricity only to sugar mills. While government is forced to pay capacity charges to these bagasse power plants. The sugar mills and PSMA are becoming bolder and shameless day by day. I think it is time the Government consider ending cane Commission and free cultivation of sugar cane. Instead each Sugar mill should buy a license for sugarcane cultivation. They should than negotiate deals with local farmers in advance, within fixed regions for their mills supply only. While no farmer would be allowed to cultivate sugarcane on their land without license and agreement with Sugar Mill. Cane Commission should only deal with issuing licenses for cultivation and checking unlicensed cultivation. While importing sugar should never be taxed or stopped.

Shahryar Khan Baseer

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