India and the UN

Recently, India won a non-permanent seat of the UNSC for two years. India’s diplomats in the UN tried to get control of the Afghanistan file and the membership of the nuclear non-proliferation panel. Both these issues pertain directly to Pakistan, but our foreign ministry seems to be in deep sleep. Luckily, the Indian efforts to get control of these sensitive issues were turned down by other members of the security council giving breathing space to Pakistan. The Indian government is neither neutral in Afghanistan affairs nor ready to solve the Kashmir issue. However, it still uses all the diplomatic force to try and convince the world otherwise and most of the times is successful too. We on the other hand tend to follow the principle of reactive measures only. Our foreign minister does not seem to have anything significant to neutralize the Indian threat, but he takes pride in the fact that India failed to get control of all important affairs. The foreign minister needs to understand that it was not his or his team’s efforts, but more of other nations not being comfortable with giving India so much control. Our foreign ministry should be more proactive in countering the Indian threat at every forum globally. The worthy minister should leave the internal politics of the country and shamming the opposition to the army of SAPMs and focus on his real job of protecting our interests globally.

Raja Shafaatullah


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