SSGS starts crackdown against compressors; restores supply to Sindh CNG stations

Illegal usage of gas compressors has led to widespread gas shortage.

KARACHI: The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) launched a crackdown against the illegal use of gas compressors on Sunday.
A spokesperson has said that the installation and use of gas compressors is an illegal act. The Balochistan High Court has directed to act against those involved in this illegal act, the spokesperson said.
People across the country using gas compressor to suck in more gas to increase the gas flow resulting in a situation of widespread gas shortage.
An official of the SSGC had earlier said that the low pressure is because of the illegal use of compressor by some people. The illegal use of gas compressors has led to low gas pressure problems in several cities. The gas companies have constituted special teams to launch a crackdown against those who are depriving their neighbours of the gas facility by using the compressors.
Moreover, several domestic consumers use a fridge compressor to suck in more gas to increase gas flow at their homes, which is said to be a dangerous and illegal practice.
Domestic and industrial consumers are facing shortage of gas across Pakistan since the winter season fell.
Meanwhile, after a six-day closure, CNG stations reopened on Sunday across Sindh. Initially, SSGC had announced the closure of CNG stations for three days starting January 11 in wake of the gas crisis that has gripped the country.
The duration, however, was extended and after another 24 hours delay, the gas stations reopened at 8:00 am on Sunday.

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  1. ompressed Natural Gas has put Off NG for homes for meals at home. It appears Natural Gas ompression stations will emerge as urgent measures be adopted by the bodies/stakeholders. The Ministry benefits genrously to all stake holders in Pakistan ELETRI TRANSPORT, battery, hybrid, Eletri battery. Goernments initiatie for Hybrid, batteries whih are NIKEL METAL HYDRITE BATTERY FOR HYBRID NEEDS. pLEASE STOP ALL SUPPLIES FOR GAS IMMEDIATE EFFET.

  2. Suggest please supply to industries only. Natural gas to bonafide homes. Transport already swithed to Elektrik Batteries.


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