Govt actions to be reviewed as FATF meeting begins

Decision on whether Pakistan would remain in greylist to be announced on 25th

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) four-day virtual Plenary session, during which Pakistan’s performance in terms of measures taken against money laundering and terror funding will be reviewed began on Monday.

According to a local media report, FATF had updated the overall performance of all countries ahead of the meeting, revealing that Pakistan has been shown improving compliance on two out of 40 recommendations of the FATF on the effectiveness of anti-money laundering and combating financing terror (AML/CFT) systems. It finds Pakistan’s progress non-compliant on four counts, partially compliant on 25 counts and largely compliant on nine recommendations.

However, Pakistan’s evaluation at the plenary would be based on a 27-point action plan and not on these 40 recommendations. Chances that Pakistan could be put in the blacklist are slim to none as it has at least three members of the FATF — China, Turkey and Malaysia — who can sustain all pressures against any downgrade. This is not only based on friendly bilateral relations but performance as well.

A final decision would be announced by the FATF president at the conclusion of the four-day virtual plenary on Feb 25.

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  1. Pakistan’s army and government have made such a condition of Pakistan today that even after all this time, Pakistan is not able to get out of the gray list of FATF and this time also there is no hope of that. If seen, the only reason behind this is the support of instability in neighboring countries by the establishment of Pakistan. Pakistan has given the world an opportunity by supporting the instability in India and Afghanistan to take such action against Pakistan. Pakistan’s army is constantly involved in giving weapons to terrorists in India and Afghanistan. That is why India is supporting such action against Pakistan. And the world listens to India because India is a big market. But nobody listens to Pakistan because Pakistan has never worked towards strengthening its economy.

    • Your comment is just a load of horse-shit at best, delusional rating at best. What you say is backed by zero facts. Do you live under a rock or are you high on a gobar-filled cigarette?


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