FPCCI signs partnership agreement with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

KARACHI: The Pak-UK Business Council of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) had signed a partnership agreement with Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce, which has over 5,000 registered British businesses based in the Greater Manchester region of UK.

“The historic first-of-its-kind agreement mandates enhancement of business partnerships, increase in bilateral trade, mutually beneficial corporate engagements, modernizing trade marketing practices, and accelerating the pace of bilateral investments and new ventures,” a statement issued by the FPCCI on Tuesday read.

Speaking at the virtual meeting, Pak-UK Business Council Chairman Imran Khalil Naseer briefed the participants on the benefits and merits of FPCCI signing the agreement with GMCC and the commencement of joint events between businesses on both sides.

The first such event would be held in May 2021 and it would be aimed at exploring opportunities and avenues present in Pakistan for British businesses. GMCC would also organize reciprocal events and meetings.

FPCCI President Nasser Hyatt Maggo expressed his earnest desire and resolve to strengthen business and trade relationships between Pakistan and UK through such decisive and transformational agreements and collaborative endeavors.

The event was also attended by British Deputy High Commissioner in Karachi and Trade Director for Pakistan Mike Nithavrianakis along with other team members from the Department of International Trade (DIT).

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