Revolution in tourism, agriculture to boost economy: PM

PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said the government was focused on bringing a revolution in tourism and agriculture by revamping the sectors on modern lines.

Addressing at the inauguration of Peshawar-Dara Adam Khel road and the groundbreaking of Chitral-Shindur road, the prime minister said proper infrastructure and roads would make the connecting areas a hub of tourism.

Imran Khan said Pakistan had immense potential in tourism, which if properly explored could greatly boost both foreign and local tourism.

He said the Peshawar-Dara Adam Khel road would connect up to western side and would facilitate travel through Peshawar and adjoining areas while the Chitral-Shindur road, which would later be linked to Gilgit would open up a new world of unexplored tourist places.

“The road will ensure easy access to the valleys, not only in trekking in summers but also skiing in winters, thus offering an amazing treat for the tourists,” he added.

He said the country was blessed with serene natural beauty particularly its northern areas, however regretted that previous rulers spent their vacations in Europe and ignored the local tourist spots.

Imran Khan said properly worked-out road infrastructure and launch of telecommunication services would bring an economic boom to these areas.

He said the next step was development of resorts to cater to the influx of tourists.

He stressed carrying out geographical zoning of the tourist areas and ensuring proper bylaws by limiting the construction area of hotels and preserving the green pastures and prairies.

Imran Khan said Switzerland, the world’s top tourist destination with $80 billion earning from tourism, was half the size of Pakistan’s northern areas and even did not match its breathtaking natural beauty.

He said Pakistan’s Malam Jabba was attracting tourist influx in winters and there were many more such places in the vicinity yet to be explored.

He called upon the masses to continue use of mask at public places to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

He recalled that after he had posted pictures of Kumrat valley, around 0.1 million people thronged the area in two weeks. However, he mentioned that due to lack of infrastructure, the beautiful area was littered.

He urged the involvement of local people in preservation of forests and maintaining cleanliness.

On agriculture, he said a revolution would be witnessed with focus on plantation particularly the vegetation of olives and saffron, which would not only contribute to food security but also help earn revenue.

The prime minister said he had issued directives to promote growing avocados in Islamabad for its land being quite fertile for the fruit.

He lauded Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan for the proper mapping of areas and demarcation of tourist spots.

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