Ayeza Khan shares best wishes at SnackVideo with overwhelming response during Ramzan

LAHORE: Ayeza Khan, the top Pakistan TV actress, showed up in Jeeto Pakistan’s Ramadan special show last week and shared her Ramzan stories. During the special holy month, Ayeza participated in SnackVideo’s Ramadan campaign and filmed her best wishes.

Since the start of Ramzan 2021, SnackVideo has launched a campaign called #EidReward featuring dramas, recipes, and Ramadan traditions to mark the holy month of Ramzan. Its Ramadan hashtag challenge series have seen thousands of people documenting their wonderful meals and pastimes and winning rewards.

SnackVideo’s in-app challenges for Ramadan include:

#EidRecipe: With more than 209,000 pageviews and 125,000 user participation to date, this hashtag showcased a variety of tasty festive Iftar recipes from the SnackVideo community, including dishes like traditional samosas, pakora, chicken rolls, Shami Kebabs, and fruit salads. Users like @YourFoodLab also recorded their creative recipes such as the beautiful homemade chocolate coffee, and they got reposted by hundreds of people. (Watch this video)

#EidDrama: Dramas and lip-syncs always went viral among the digital population, and this Ramadan made no exception. Within this hashtag, creators shared the comforting and comical moments that resonated with nationwide people during the fasting. One video with

over 133k views and 12.4k likes by @RamadanMoralStories was a heart-warming clip, where the family kept a white lie on food sharing. The challenge has received over 223,000 views in the first two weeks, with more than 64,000 users sharing up to 137,000 videos. (Watch this video)

#EidSaeed: Users documented their daily routines and shared good wishes under this hashtag. Videos under this hashtag with highest likes mainly focus on Ramadan outfit and fun facts during fasting life. So far, this challenge has received over 590,000 pageviews and 204,000 videos, marking the passion of Pakistani in celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and spread the message of hope and compassion.

Recently, SnackVideo has triggered the brand new “Eid Mubarak” event. The event include 4 hashtag challenges that cover celebrating moments, retaking old photos, Q&A and AR. The short-video platform offers a diversive way to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and show your love in the midst of these challenging times.

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