Govt mulls setting up national food authority to monitor inflation

Replicating the models of the USA, UK, Australia, and India, the government is thinking of different options, including the establishment of the Pakistan Food Authority (PFA), to monitor rising inflation.

Presently, the government of Pakistan does not have a regulatory authority for food control.

According to The News, the authorities are considering different proposals of which one is the establishment of a national regulator to have one food market and one law.

The report also highlights that globally, food standards are regulated by the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius (Codex). The Codex is a collection of internationally adopted food standards that is managed by a Commission comprised of 187-member states, including Pakistan. The Codex provides member states with the opportunity to collectively develop international food standards and provides member states with standards that can form the basis of national food standards.

In 1995, Codex became the WTO standards for which the international trade in food would be regulated. Since the recognition of Codex as the international standard for food and the trade in food, most countries of the world have established a national regulatory authority for food that oversees national food control systems.


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  1. The government should monitor price changes for commodities produced. Focusing on food alone is not meaningful. Develop reporting standards and make it easier for producers to comply.

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