OGRA moves to bring LPG bowsers into regulatory regime

ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has moved forward to bring LPG bowsers for transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) into the regulatory regime and issued an adequate number of licenses to carry/transport the LPG.

According to OGRA, the list of licensed bowsers along-with licensing mechanism has been placed at the authorities website i.e. www.ogra.org.pk.

Only licensed bowsers will be allowed to carry and transport LPG within the country in the near future and the bulk sellers are anticipated to be prudent for the safety of both public and material.

They are also expected to be vigilant to undertake due diligence of the bowsers before moving LPG.

OGRA has resolved to ensure public safety and seeks cooperation of all stakeholders for safe handling of LPG supply chain by ensuring international safety standards, said OGRA.

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  1. Glad to see OGRA on the road to regulate now the bowsers of LPG. We need regulation as well to Energy Media for Power Generation/Electricity from Renewables, which Solar, is doing alright, but the fuel for Power generation, fuel as furnace oil imported which is toxic fuel mostly used by power plants in Pakistan. Pakistan energy sector need a major change to STOP the toxic fuels as Furnace Oil import/storage/combustion to electricity? Is a big question mark. Pakistan fuel is ONLY Wind which is free of cost, available in abundance, the technology accessible, has no barriers to emissions. The Wind is the fuel of today only from Europe. Proposals may be solicited from neutral independant international resources, without any commission, kickbacks with highly very respectable sources. The people and the OGRA has to decide, redefine as Oil, Gas, Wind Regulatory Authority. There is no Regulation/Regulator for Wind any where in the world. It is a blessing of God, and we should accept with Surah Fateha to Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad

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