Ryan Gosling and clutzy interns – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

So much to discuss this week. We have two different movie recommendations for you (both old ones but both worth a watch), the one man army bringing companies into the tax net, some opinions on cricket, and acts of kindness this Eid. Ariba Shahid brings you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup from Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse. 

For the love of Ryan!

The Big Short is a movie we recommend all of you to watch not just because of Ryan Gosling, but also because of the introductory course into the financial crisis. It is a few years old at this point, which is why we are sure many of our readers must have seen it already. In case you haven’t and you’re interested in a finance based high-stakes thriller, do watch it. In case you haven’t, rewatching really won’t hurt. Like we’ve said, Ryan Gosling alone is enough reason to watch the movie and then to maybe even rewatch it.


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Zubair Ahmed Khan is single handedly doing more to bring more people into the tax net than most of us twitteratis put together. He is lodging complaints against unregistered businesses and getting them registered – so far he is one more short of a half century. Now this is what we call civic duty. What we also love is that the first business he went after was Pak Cuisine – the restaurant owned by ARY ‘anchor’ and professional intruder Iqrar ul Hassan Syed. We are a little sad that no one knocked down his doors and shoved a camera and mic in his face asking him why his restaurant was not registered, but this was still something. 

On empathy and kindness 

While this isn’t exactly business and economic related, we feel that considering the Eid season it is important to add this tweet here to remind you all of how McDonald’s is a poor man’s meal in most countries around the world but is beyond the means of the middle class in Pakistan. Empathy and kindness go a long way. Thank you for this idea. We also might need to consider why in Pakistan there are valet services outside McDonald’s branches. We truly can give off a dystopian image at times. 

Cancellation charges 

Is it just me or do cancellation charges and delivery charges annoy you more than actually paying for the product or service? Trust us, your customers are not particularly happy with you. This kind of thing is along the lines of the whole “DM for price” silliness on Instagram. 


Some jokes write themselves. We won’t say much but corporate twitter accounts need to be wittier.


We won’t comment on Misbah and Waqar but we will comment on how robust data analytics is needed to improve decision making in performance in businesses and in sports. For more on how sports, business, and the need for modernisation are connected, read an old Profit cover story: 

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God bless Excel 

We can’t thank Excel enough for its services, it’s intuitiveness and for single handedly holding our government and financial institutions together.

Don’t fire the intern 

Imagine being blocked and unblocked by the PSX within the span of a day. Our only request is to please not fire the intern that did this. Poor guy just didn’t know what to do. Probably going through it right now. 

Silly taboos 

Brown paper bags or double wrapped. Sanitary pads are not something women should be shamed for. While we’re unsure if this is company policy, or if this is more of an individual thing, it is high time we stop blushing vermillion every time the mention of women’s health products comes up. 

A note of congrats! 

Everyone loves milestones. Whether it’s your baby’s first steps or if it’s your first major client or breakthrough. It’s a proud moment indeed. First steps matter. Congratulations to our managing editor on becoming a ‘real company’. And we say this without any bias, this is one to look out for. We wish you luck. 

Mic drop moment 

You didn’t have to mic drop so hard, Ahfaz. Statistically speaking, yes you would. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t count. Oh well!

TikTok in the slammer again 

So they banned Tiktok a day after President Arif Alvi joined. Are they worried about the cringe content the president might put out? Is this preemptive image saving? We have too many questions and no answers. However, digital Pakistan is a joke that keeps on giving. 

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at twitter.com/AribaShahid


  1. Trying your level best to create a controversy about the internal structure of an organization to which you absolutely have no rights to talk about. Just ‘Pakistan Today’ thing.

  2. Wow! So much for being a journalist who is supposed to be unbiased. Hopefully you have enjoyed your 2 minutes of fame through this article.


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