PESSI to issue social security numbers to domestic workers

The Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) has decided to issue social security registration numbers and cards to domestic workers while homeowners will also be required to register.

According to details, the 155th meeting of the governing body of PESSI was held in the labor department presided by Provincial Minister for Labor Ansar Majeed Khan in which Secretary Labor Dr. Sohail Shehzad, Commissioner PC and other members participated.

During the meeting, the governing body approved 19 new posts including 2 consultants for the cardiology block of Social Security Hospital Multan in addition to the rules regarding providing all social security facilities to the domestic workers.

The provincial minister said after the approval of the Domestic Workers Act rules, registration numbers and cards would also be issued to the domestic workers whereas a registered domestic worker will be able to get social security grant and medical facilities in case of injury or any illness.

“According to the rules, no more than 8 hours of work would be taken from domestic workers. Administrative cadres have been approved for better management of social security hospitals and officers from grade 17 to 20 have been included in the administrative cadre. Officers involved in the cadre will also be given regular financial management and office management training,” he said.

The minister further informed that the governing body has also decided to link the labor card with the Sahet Sahulat Card (Health Card) while the registered workers will also be able to avail medical services through the Punjab government’s health facility program.

“The treatment of any ailment will be provided free of cost to the worker and his family through the labor card. There is no limit on the amount of money available for the treatment through the labor card and the amount of  money will also cover the cost of treatment abroad. Free treatment is being provided to citizens in emergencies of social security hospitals. All social security hospitals are being automated at a cost of Rs770 million,” he concluded.

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Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Just more ways to get money out of people. Like Bhutto with his slogan that no dowry, no rent on tenants and no tickets on buses for students, this will help fuel fighting among the people and create split among the people. Thanks but no thanks. Oh and when PESSI starts involving police in domestic fake abuse cases and so on then the people will stop using this but since a new directorate with tax payers money will be available, more salary thieves can be hired.

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