Electioneering damaging ICAP’s reputation, says Shabbar Zaidi

FIA arrests an individual on behest of ICAP, Shabbar Zaidi condemns cheating incident

Former ICAP President Shabbar Zaidi, blames “electioneering” in ICAP for damaging the reputation of the institute.    

FIA arrested an individual on behest of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan (ICAP) last week on allegations of aiding students in passing exams by unfair means.  

The incident

ICAP lodged a complaint with the FIA cybercrime wing against an individual, who also happens to be an instructor of multiple CA subjects, on suspicion of helping students cheat in their exams. The said individual is not an employee of the Institute. The agency monitored the situation for two exam sessions (December 2021 and March 2022) and arrested the individual on the basis of unassailable proof. 

ICAP introduced the option to take exams online in order to facilitate the students amid the pandemic. However, the accused used this as an opportunity to aid students to cheat. 

The modus operandi, in this case, was WhatsApp through which students were sent the answers to exams questions. The accused is in FIA custody while around sixty five students have been identified that were involved in this cheating scandal. 

Shabbar Zaidi Tweets

After the news broke out, many professionals and students reacted and expressed anger at the  incident. One of these was former president of ICAP and former chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi.

Electioneering allegation 

The governance matters of ICAP are overseen by a council of nineteen members of which fifteen are elected while four are nominated by the Government of Pakistan.

Two key stakeholders in these elections are practicing firms and registered accounting education tutors (RAET).

A Senior Chartered Accountant and a very active member of ICAP, on the condition of anonymity, told Profit, “The colleges are extremely influential in ICAP elections as they have a significant number of students who go on to become full members.” 

He further added, “The colleges even have election cells to promote their campaign. These learning providers have used their influence for commercial benefits. Moves like increasing the number of exams, adding additional training and venturing into ancillary services like publishing books and student accommodation are all aimed at increasing their sources of income. 

Profit reached out to a senior council member of the institute and a reputed educationist, who commented, “All members have an equal right to contest the elections and you cannot bar anyone from participating. Further, including RAETs and members from practice ensures diversity which is essential for any professional body. If you see the current composition of the ICAP’s council, it is quite diverse, representing educationists, Big firms and small practitioners also.”

Profit reached out to ICAP, but they refrained from commenting on the situation. The complete FIR can be read through the following link: First Information Report


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Ahtasam Ahmad
Ahtasam Ahmad
The author works as a Sector Analyst at Profit and can be reached at [email protected]


  1. ICAP must strongly persue the case. All suspected student beneficiaries should be investigated. Those proved availing the cheating must be banned for life from ICAP. If they have become members, their membership should be cancelled.

    ICAP needs to protect integrity of examination process and publicaly demonstrate strong will to do so.

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