KP LG members to receive Rs2.8bn for annual expenditure

Over 25,000 elected local government representatives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) will receive more than Rs2.8 billion annually in terms of salaries, travel expenses and various allowances, including entertainment.

The KP LG Department has proposed an estimate of elected members salaries, travel expenses, fuel, assembly session allowance, entertainment and telephone allowances of the elected representatives of the province.

A monthly salary of Rs50,000 has been proposed for 131 Tehsil Chairmen and City Mayors and Rs30,000 for 4,212 Village and Neighborhood Council Chairmen.

Similarly, a daily session allowance of Rs1000 has been recommended for 6,290 members elected Tehsil members while  session allowance of Rs500 has been recommended for 25,272 Village and Neighborhood Council members.

The number of elected local body representatives in the province is 25,403. However, the Chairman of Village and Neighborhood Council would also receive allowance for participation in his council while as a member of Tehsil and City Council, he will also be entitled to session allowance.

Similarly, Youth, Women, Minority and Labour and Farmers Councilors of Village and Neighborhood Council will also receive allowance for attending session of the Village and Neighborhood as well as Tehsil and City Councils. It is recommended to provide Rs10,000 Entertainment Allowance, Rs5,000 Travel Out-of-Tehsil Allowance.

The Local Government Department has demanded Rs930.58 million from KP Government  for April, May, June and July this year. While in the next financial year, it has been recommended to set aside Rs2.80 billion for their expenditure.

According to sources in the LG department, details of salaries and allowances have been sent to the finance department for approval. The joint committee of the finance department and the local government department will take a final decision in this regard after reviewing these recommendations.

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