Convex Interactive marks 9 years

Pakistan is moving towards a digital revolution. Industries need to stay on their toes with all the upcoming trends in order to survive. Thus, when companies like Convex Interactive celebrate being on Cloud 9, it makes one wonder what they are doing right.
Convex Interactive, an award-winning tech, and digital agency; based in Pakistan, UAE, and the USA, recently celebrated its 9th anniversary. In its journey of 9 years, Convex Interactive has completely revolutionized the world of digital marketing, with its innovative and exceptional work. They firmly believe in results backed by research and a team of experts driven to ensure innovation and advancement, facilitating consistent growth of multiple brands. The company is ISO 27001:2013 certified and partnered with Google to offer reliable services to its clients.

In today’s times, brands need to stay relevant and find the right kind of audience to stand out. Convex Interactive does so by improving the brands’ digital presence across 6 verticals; mentioned below:
Mobile TV

Transforming Traditional Businesses:
With the rising technological innovation, Convex has led the way forward for multiple brands, from traditional businesses to modern technological solutions.
What’s more? Their portfolio includes mobile application and website development, streaming services, e-commerce integration, and cloud-based solutions. Not just that, Convex Interactive has taken a significant step and given the entertainment industry a new turn. After observing the lack of platforms that showcase Pakistani Talent, they launched a local online streaming platform, Mjunoon.TV. As a successful OTT service provider, Convex has made breakthrough OTT innovations for other platforms like Zong TV, Jazz TV, etc. as well.
Go through their portfolios here: (link)
Besides Mjunoon.TV, their product list includes:
Transcending Technological Innovations:
From one-stop e-commerce channels to gaming platforms, Convex Interactive transforms ideas into reality one project at a time.
Explore their work: (link)
Transitioning Future of Brands:
Pakistan’s Fastest growing Digital and Mobile advertising agency, Convex Interactive’s vision is to lead by innovation, technology, creativity, gathering aspiration and achievements. Its prior focus is on providing well-integrated digital and mobile advertising solutions to its clientele.
Let’s talk about the services offered by Convex Interactive designed to transition brands successfully.
Convex Interactives takes business to the next level through cutting-edge computing solutions backed by the expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Mobility is just a root, giving branches to telecom, VAS, mobile advertising, CRM solutions, and Call Center Setup driven by analytics and goals.
With Convex Interactive, brands experience expert-led and data-driven digital marketing services, helping them turn traffic into revenue. With the right kind of social media marketing, content creation, social strategy, and design, brands get expert solutions that help them grow.
Looking for a sleek, fast, and innovative mobile, web, and desktop app, Convex Interactive is your savior, with e-commerce solutions, app development, hybrid platform development, they craft award-winning websites driven by strategy, design, and technology.
OTT/Mobile TV
Convex Interactive aids channels, platforms, brands, operators, and production houses by offering AI-Based premium content management, distribution, and production solutions to streamline their workflow with maximum security.

Want your brand to reach new heights?
It is the right time to connect with Convex Interactive!
We congratulate Convex Interactive on reaching Cloud 9!






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