Power Division starts crackdown against corrupt officials to prevent electricity theft

ISLAMABAD: Power Division has launched a comprehensive operation to root out the corrupt officers of power distribution companies (DISCOs) who allegedly aided and abetted power theft.

According to sources in power division, a major operation was launched against the corrupt officers who were allegedly involved in power theft. They said that a total of 1914 officers faced the crackdown during the operation, and strict legal action has been taken against them. They said during the operation, a departmental inquiry was started against 351 officers of LESCO, 138 of GEPCO, 195 of FESCO, 219 of ISCO, 314 of MAPCO, 299 of PESCO, 112 of HESCO, 86 of SEPCO, 165 of QESCO, and 35 officers of TESCO. Similarly, during the operation, 248 disreputable and ill-reputed officers were transferred to different areas without any recommendation, said sources.

They added that a series of crackdowns against those responsible for power theft continues, and it has also been announced to tighten the legal proceedings against all corrupt officials.

It is also learned from sources that more than 2199 cases of electricity theft by various distribution companies have been reported, out of which FIR has been registered against 1955 and 21 arrests have so far been made.

Distribution companies (DISCOs) have been fined for stealing four million units and they were fined for 164 million Pakistani rupees, of which 11 million Pak rupees have been recovered, said sources, adding, that prevention of power theft is very important to provide relief to the public while operations and crackdowns will continue to bring all the responsible to justice as soon as possible.

Secretary of the Power Division, Rashid Langrial, disclosed that a total of over 1,900 officers have been reassigned as part of efforts to disrupt collusion associated with power theft nationwide.

In a statement posted on X, he stated that a crackdown has been launched against the corrupt officers of distribution companies to prevent the electricity theft. He said that it is the beginning and it will become much more relentless and unforgiving. He said 2000 plus cases of electricity theft worth four million units detected: 21 arrested, PKR 164 million imposed as fine and 11 million recovered. He said 248 officers with bad repute have been relocated to the headquarters.

Additionally, a reassignment of 1,914 SEs, XENs, and SDOs across the country has been carried out without any “safarish”.

Providing specific details, he said a total of 1,914 officers underwent reassignments, encompassing 91 SEs, 533 XENs, and 1,290 SDOs. Simultaneously, 248 officers with unfavorable records were relocated to less significant roles across all 10 discos.

He noted that a comprehensive reshuffling affected a total of 351 officers within LESCO. Additionally, 17 officers were assigned to less critical positions.

Within LESCO, 24 SEs, 89 XENs, and 238 SDOs were subject to reassignments.

In the case of GEPCO, a total of 138 officers underwent reshuffling, which includes 8 SEs, 42 XENs, and 88 SDOs. Additionally, 13 officers with a questionable reputation were placed in less critical roles.

Likewise, within FESCO, a total of 195 officers were relocated, comprising 13 SEs, 53 XENs, and 130 SDOs. Additionally, 14 officers with questionable records were reassigned to less significant positions.

In IESCO, a comprehensive reshuffle affected a total of 219 officers, encompassing 10 SEs, 61 XENs, and 148 SDOs. Additionally, 21 officers with unfavorable reputations were reassigned to less significant positions.

In MEPCO, a significant reshuffling saw 314 officers relocated, comprising 13 SEs, 85 XENs, and 216 SDOs. Additionally, 34 officers with unfavorable reputations were reassigned to less critical positions.

Within PESCO, a total of 299 officers underwent transfers, involving 8 SEs, 93 XENs, and 198 SDOs. Furthermore, 68 officers with questionable records were posted to less significant roles.

At HESCO, 112 officers experienced transfers, involving 2 SEs, 20 XENs, and 90 SDOs. Additionally, 19 officers with unfavorable reputations were reassigned to less critical roles.

Within SEPCO, a total of 86 officers were relocated, encompassing 6 SEs, 29 XENs, and 51 SDOs. Furthermore, 25 officers with questionable records were posted to less significant positions.

Within QESCO, a comprehensive reshuffle impacted 165 officers, which included 7 SEs, 50 XENs, and 108 SDOs. Additionally, 29 officers with unfavorable reputations were reassigned to less critical roles.

In TESCO, 35 officers underwent transfers, consisting of 12 XENs and 23 SDOs. Furthermore, 8 officers with questionable records were posted to less significant positions.

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Ahmad Ahmadani
Ahmad Ahmadani
The author is a an investigative journalist at Profit. He can be reached at [email protected].



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