Changes are afoot at Careem. What do they mean for the fast changing ride-hailing sector?

Inflation has meant lots of changes in all segments including transport. Careem is responding through their pricing

A lot has happened at Careem recently. Uber, which had acquired Careem Rides for $3.1 billion in 2019, recently exited the Pakistani market. Even though this does not change a lot for Careem Pakistan and its operations, it did garner attention in the news. 

Another recent event at Careem was their new, and perhaps belated, flexible fare offering. It has been a few months since the new offering was launched and Profit was interested in finding out how the bidding model is working out for Careem. 

And lastly, we wanted to verify whether the claim that Careem is too expensive, compared to other apps, holds any truth to it. 

Profit explores.


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Nisma Riaz
Nisma Riaz
Nisma Riaz is a business journalist at Profit. She covers tech, retail and marketing and can be reached at [email protected] or


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