Capacity payments double due to PKR slide

Capacity payment has doubled from Rs1,082 billion to Rs2,152 billion

The Power Division secretary has stated that the capacity payment has doubled, ie, to Rs2,152 billion from Rs1,082 billion due to the dollar’s increase – from Rs100 to Rs300.

Sharing information about capacity payment, Power Secretary Rashid Mahmood Langrial explained that foreign-funded dollar-denominated IPPs have contributed the most. Locally-funded RLNG plant’s capacity payment has increased by 60 per cent while foreign-funded coal plants’ payment has gone up by 145 per cent.

According to him, the amount of capacity payment of foreign-funded projects was Rs3,218/kW/M when the dollar was at Rs100, whereas, capacity payment of local-funded projects was Rs1,436/kW/ M, which has increased to Rs7,097/kW/M for foreign-funded at Rs300/$ and Rs1,857/kW/M for local-funded projects at Rs300/$.

Total de-rated available capacity in the system is 36,277 MW excluding K-Electric (foreign-funded 21,374 MW, local funded 14,903 MW).

The capacity payment of 8,578 MW of Wapda is Rs147 billion; RLNG 4,687 MW, Rs139 billion; Gencos 1,638, Rs46 billion; nuclear 3,266 MW, Rs510 billion; hydel IPPs, 2,215 MW Rs255 billion; renewable, 2,887 MW, Rs260 billion; coal 6,777 MW, Rs643 billion; 1994 policy 3,491 MW, 86 billion; and 2002 policy 2,739 MW, Rs86 billion.

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