Karachi-origin ‘wine fraudster’ pleads guilty to swindling millions from Wall Street tycoons

Omar Khan is accused of defrauding fine-wine enthusiasts of at least $9.5 million

Omar Khan, accused of defrauding fine-wine enthusiasts of at least $9.5 million, admitted guilt to identity theft last week on Thursday, shortly after being apprehended by the FBI at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The specifics of Khan’s plea agreement remain undisclosed, although it likely involved the dismissal of a wire fraud charge.

A decade ago, Khan gained renown among wine connoisseurs in the city for organizing lavish dinners at top-tier restaurants featuring exceedingly rare wines.

Allegedly, Khan attracted investments for these dinners, priced between $500 and $25,000 per plate, promising to share profits. However, numerous dinners were never held. One investor, Krešimir Penavić, revealed investing around $5 million in Khan’s events before realizing no profits.

Penavić, a successful quant at Renaissance Technologies, was among 13 plaintiffs who sued Khan, winning an $8 million judgment. Penavić’s statement indicates ongoing efforts to recover assets related to the judgment, with his attorney emphasizing the importance of holding such perpetrators accountable.

Khan’s attorney expressed his client’s desire to move past this chapter.

Khan faced charges since February 2020, but they were sealed as he resided in Sri Lanka. He was deported this year due to visa overstay, prompting his extradition to face charges.

Aggravated identity theft carries a potential two-year prison term, with a sentencing hearing set for June 10. Khan’s attorneys plan to seek his release from a Queens rehabilitation facility at an upcoming bond hearing, citing medical issues.

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  1. Mr.Omar Khan rose to fame as an HR consultant and a corporate trainer in the 2000s . I have listened to him and he is a great orator and has been a key speaker at many corporate events and conferences. He has also consulted CEOs of many companies in the US. What lead him to become a US double Shah ??? probably greed .

  2. Probably , such genetic disorder is more in this claimed greatest Islamic country named Pakistan if you do some indepth social research as compared to other nations .

  3. A sweeping statement! every nation has good and bad people. No nation is genetically dishonest and no religion preaches dishonesty.

  4. I used to see his articles in a particular consulting magazine in 2010 and 2011 . In one he had mentioned a pork dish he enjoyed and I therefore didn’t think of him much after that ! Even then his Sensei International’s website was very sophomoric ! Just Google him , grubstreet did a great article on him ! Great conversationalist by the way ! Mile wide but and inch deep


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