Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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In religious tourism, it’s strictly business. Now the govt wants to regulate it like one

For decades there has been no policy managing the religious tourism to Iran, Iraq, and Syria, allowing tour operators to work with impunity. The government finally wants to regulate it.

As temperatures soar, so do Pak Elektron’s profits

The maker of the PEL brand of white goods witnesses a recovery in its appliances business, and better than expected power sales

Yunus Brothers’ diversification strategy begins to pay dividends

The conglomerate that owns Lucky Cement, Kia Lucky Motors, and ICI Pakistan is set to take advantage of positive tailwinds in the cement, auto, and pharmaceutical industries

ByteDance pulls TikTok representation from InMobi in Pakistan

Effective immediately, ByteDance has asked InMobi to pause all B2B selling for TikTok in Pakistan, leaving advertisers stranded after finally getting approvals to do so.

Will the post office be able to improve financial inclusion in Pakistan?

The central bank thinks the country’s largest post provider has the potential to do so much good. If only it could figure out how to handle simple alliances

Design thinking has come to Corporate Pakistan. What does that mean?

A management problem solving framework that has been developed out of industrial engineering, design thinking promises to help companies address their customers – and management’s – root problems rather than just symptoms. But does it work? And will Pakistani companies learn how to use it?

Sorry, JazzCash & Easypaisa; the fintech revolution for the unbanked is finally here

Through regulatory fiat, the State Bank wants to accomplish a level of infrastructure sharing that has hitherto eluded the market. But given the intense competition between telcos and banks to dominate the payments space, can the central bank make everyone play nice?

The Davos cheat sheet for Pakistanis

Every year, almost 3000 people descend upon the sleepy town of Davos in Switzerland to attend one of the most exclusive events...

Is e-commerce dying in Pakistan?

E-commerce in Pakistan is burgeoning and it is burgeoning at breakneck speed. In sheer numbers, e-commerce sales swelled 93.7pc in 2018, reaching...

Why is Pakistan unable to develop a competitive-export focused industrial sector?

Pakistan can come out of its intermittent economic crisis by embarking on export-based industry that would help improve the country’s current account...

China to provide assistance for PIA, aviation industry

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and China have mutually agreed on extending their bilateral relations and to work collectively for the betterment of Pakistan International...

NA body recommends govt to prioritise railways projects

  ISLAMABAD: Standing Committee on Pakistan Railways (PRs) has recommended the projects of PRs may be given priority by the government, especially the...

Is Qmobile’s iron grip beginning to slip away?

When it comes to hardware technology, one hardly finds a local brand as big as Qmobile. Regardless of which side of the...