Monday, July 13, 2020
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Why tax-to-GDP is a farce

Pakistan’s economy has been in a chokehold for the past two years. The problem is that there are too many elephants in...

Name’s matter, even in the stock market

"Whats in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - Romeo & Juliet  Shakespeare...

Pakistanis don’t trust the PSX. They should

With the stock market looked at with suspicion, what investors need to understand is that fraud will always be out there, and being not having faith is just counterproductive.

10 focus areas for Pakistan’s economic prosperity

In order to build long-term competitiveness and prosperity in the Pakistani economy, here are some things that merit the government’s attention

KP’s very own grid company is up for a long haul journey

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has recently decided to set up a provincial grid company, a decision being widely hailed as a...

Why the market cannot be trusted to develop a vaccine

  Are there enough incentives for firms to develop a vaccine for Covid-19? On the face of it, I shouldn’t even be asking...

“Lahore L’hore ay” – but is Lahori culture good for business?

Lahore seems to have some natural advantages when it comes to business. Why is Karachi still far ahead? It’s all about the culture.

The State Bank’s silent payments revolution

How the SBP's latest circular could have far-reaching consequences for the state of digital Pakistan

Change the sheriff, do not increase our taxes

About 60 million uneducated children will enter our labour force over the next decade. All of us should focus our attention to...

Letting go

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. But it takes knowing your limitations and a big heart to make small, family business into large international companies. 

How valuable is your bureaucracy?

For decades now the issue monetization of perks has been on the table. No action has been taken because the powerful secretaries...

The mechanics of privatisation

We hear the same things over and over again. You can open the headlines from half a century ago and they will...

The problem of revenue is bad tax policy, not cheating

Revenue generation is important but not top priority as in last 3 decades. Much effort and money has been spent in collecting...

Why can’t we compete in global markets?

Why are Pakistani businesses unable to compete in the global markets? What is it that inhibits them from breaking through overseas? As...