A guide to ending tax evasion in Pakistan

No issue in Pakistan currently attracts as much attention as that of tax evasion. On one hand, we have the people of...

How valuable is your bureaucracy?

For decades now the issue monetization of perks has been on the table. No action has been taken because the powerful secretaries...

Pakistanis don’t trust the PSX. They should

With the stock market looked at with suspicion, what investors need to understand is that fraud will always be out there, and being not having faith is just counterproductive.

The strange tale of a Sindhi folk song and CPEC

“Ho Jamalo, Wa Wah Jamalo” are words that have been ringing in my ears for over three decades.  But it was only...

200 million people and zero unicorns

A successful Pakistani Silicon Valley entrepreneur opens up about building the next great startup in Pakistan

Did Pakistan win the Covid-19 weather lottery?

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Cutting through red-tape with e-residency

Estonia is the first country in the world to establish ease of business through e-residency, and Pakistanis may benefit from it

The A, B, C and D of leadership in crunchtime

As the Corono pandemic hits Pakistan at a time of a general economic downturn, it is important for business leaders not to lose track of the role they have to play in this moment

Financial inclusivity: Where does Pakistan stand?

Pakistan is a lower middle-income economy, located in the heart of South Asia, with a GDP estimated at $284 Billion (2016), and...

Daronomics and its aftershocks

A familiar mess that the PTI has inherited

Getting back to profitability

Is it time to talk about making returns

Why Fauji Meat is the smartest decision made by the Fauji group in decades

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Beating a pandemic

What have we gained and lost through the Covid-19 experience?

The culture of safety

In the aviation industry, safety is a given, right? Wrong, especially in Pakistan

Why Jeffrey Sachs is wrong about Reko Diq

It started with the usual leftie / “anti-imperialism is the ultimate moral good” crowd. An article written by American economist Jeffrey Sachs...