Admore geared to continue impressive growth trend

A massive turnaround for Admore Gas (Private) Limited was planned and successfully executed in 2016, which included induction of highly qualified and experienced staff, optimisation and development of retail outlet network and the supply chain, up-gradation of existing storages, construction of new storage facilities and improved financial management.

As a result, Admore Gas (Private) Limited displayed phenomenal growth in 2016, achieving a volume growth of a highly impressive 461pc, as the volumes in 2016 reached 174,000 metric tonnes as against 31,000 metric tonnes for the year 2015.

Furthermore, in less than a year, Admore paid around Rs1 billion out of total defaulted legacy liabilities of Rs 2 billion, thereby clearing half of its financial liabilities in a very short period of time.

The company also undertook major capital expenditure to comprehensively build its storage capacity in the North and Southern regions of the country. It has extensively upgraded its Machike storage terminal in Punjab and is currently building its own storage facility in Daulatpur, Sindh, to cater to the retail network requirements in Upper Sindh and Baluchistan.

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The Daulatpur facility is scheduled for completion by January 31, 2017, the facility will have storage capacity of 3,200 metric tonnes with an additional expansion capacity in the future.

Admore CEO Nadeem Jafarey commented on the company’s performance and future outlook that “Due to the Admore team’s dedicated efforts and our firm commitment to operational excellence, we have achieved many vital milestones this year. I am certain that as we continue to consistently implement our comprehensive development plans, we are fully geared to meet our business objectives and reach even greater heights in the coming year.”

Admore plans to begin the New Year on a high note, and launch a complete ‘brand refresh’ on January 01, 2017, to reflect its new progressive outlook and updated identity.

This endeavour will effectively communicate the company’s evolved brand vision, and provide greater value and a superior brand experience to its customers and stakeholders.

The brand refresh includes the introduction of highly modernised and sophisticated branding material and equipment, which encompasses a brand-new visually aesthetic logo, an innovative look and design for the retail network and the launch of a new customer-centric website, newsletter and social media.

The modernised look and design will be launched at 10 to 15 retail outlets nationwide, which will be progressively introduced throughout the 450-plus Admore retail sites over a period of time. The ‘brand refresh’ endeavour highlights Admore’s commitment to its core values of ‘ingenuity’ and ‘high performance’.

Admore is focused on achieving sustainable growth in Pakistan through continuous efforts to provide world-class products and services to customers and building strong relationships with all the stakeholders in the industry.

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