Private sector invited to utilize public building rooftops for solar energy

LAHORE: The private sector has been extended invitation by the Punjab government to make investments in the utilization of public building’s rooftops for installation of solar panels.

In contravention of the federal government’s ban on solar power projects, the provincial government has invited the private sector to make investments in renewable energy sector, reported Express Tribune.

Energy Secretary, Punjab Government Asad Rehman Gilani stated currently solar energy is only used during peak load hours and expressed they wanted to shift people to using solar energy by base load utilization to meet future energy needs in the province.

He gave these remarks while speaking on the opening ceremony of a 12-megawatt solar farm being setup by Spel Group.

Gilani added that over 80-100 public buildings rooftops had empty space which could be used for solar panel installation and extended invitation to the private sector for taking this opportunity to tap this cleanest source of energy.

This solar power plant of 12 MW capacity has been setup in Adhikot district, Khushab with an investment outlay of $17 million and funding for this project has been obtained from Pakistani banks.

Establishment of this project was initiated in June 2017 and was connected to the national grid at end of November. It started commercial operations in mid-December 2017.


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