CEO, NIP under investigation for illegal allotment of industrial plots


ISLAMABAD: An investigation against Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Industrial Parks (NIP) is underway in response to a letter written by its board, revealed additional secretary in-charge, Ministry of Industries and Production (MIP), Mian Asad Haya-ud-Din.

According to a report in Business Recorder, the probe was being carried out by Joint Secretary Akhar Jan Wazir, who had now been shifted to Establishment Division and has been replaced by new inductee Additional Secretary Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, said Mr. Haya-ud-Din.

The CEO, Mudassir Iqbal confirming this investigation shared that a person near to him was involved in land sale. He added he had also suggested Jam Shahbaz for a job in a company Thai Glass that wants to setup a factory in NIP’s special economic zone (SEZ).

He was appointed to the post of NIP CEO in mid-June 2016 without any go-ahead from the Prime Minister’s office and in relaxation of all rules.

Mr. Iqbal also holds the portfolio of General Manager, EDB and using sanctioned Extra ordinary leave (EOL) from EDB took up the position as CEO, NIP on contractual basis.

As per EOL rules of EDB, Iqbal isn’t permitted to work for another government entity on a full-time basis while having employment in another government company on extraordinary leave.

The contract rules of EDB clearly state cutting of relations with the previous government entity where the concerned individual was employed at prior to accepting employment at for 3 years with exception, which aren’t application in case of NIP CEO.

Sources revealed according to memorandum of articles of NIP, article 49 clearly states CEO, NIP will come from the private sector, which will follow merit-based selection criteria for a period of 3 years.

They shared DGM HR management, EDB received favors from Mr. Iqbal when he was GM, EDB. They said the NIP CEO was involved in illegal allotment of industrial plots in NIP, which was causing losses due to which the board had forwarded a recommendation for his removal from the post.

According to NIP’s board of directors (BOD), millions of rupees losses have been reported.