Owner of ‘Winsome Package’ arrested in tax fraud case


ISLAMABAD: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue) Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Karachi has arrested the owner of M/s Winsome Package Syed Tanveer Ahmed in tax fraud case.

Documents available with Pakistan Today indicate that the Directorate of I&I (IR) FBR, Karachi have arrested the owner of Winsome Package with the permission of Judge (Customs and Taxation) Karachi, last week.

The accused, Syed Tanveer Ahmed S/o Syed Muhammad Iqbal has been arrested by this Directorate on 09 April 2018, who, being the owner of M/s Winsome Packages, was nominated in a criminal case registered under FIR no. ST/AD-A/2Q13-14/02 dated 22 December 2014 against the said firm.

“Syed Tanveer Ahmed is involved in tax fraud as defined under section 2(37) of the Sales Tax Act 1990, by way of misusing facility of zero-rated/ concessionary imports of plastic moulding compound (PMC) provided under SRO 670{l)/2013 dated 18 July 2013, causing a loss of revenue to the tune of Rs184 million during the period 2013-2014”.

Documents stated that the accused escaped arrest since December 2014 by filing Constitutional Petition No. 6633/2015 before the Honorable High Court of Sindh wherein the court ordered coercive action against the petitioner.

The adjudication proceedings were also managed by the accused in his favor and on the basis of disappointing adjudication/appeal orders, the accused counsel tried to get the said FIR quashed from the High Court.

However, due to vigorous and persistent follow-up of the case by this Directorate, the FIR was not quashed and the petition has been disposed of by the Court on 03 April 2017 along with another identical C.P No, 815/2015(M/s Vital Trade International) with the direction to the petitioners to seek remedy, if any, Including quashment of the FIRs, the proceedings, from the competent Court of jurisdiction in accordance with law. The Investigative Officer of the case was directed by the High Court to submit the report to the concerned Court. However, it was further directed that, unless the learned Judge (Customs and Taxation) take cognizance of the matter, or requires the petitioners to attend criminal proceedings pursuant to FIRs registered against the petitioners, respondents shall not cause any harassment to the petitioners.

In compliance of the aforesaid orders of Sindh High Court, the concerned I.O, submitted an interim report in the trial court on 04 May 2017, where after the learned Judge (Customs and Taxation) Karachi issued Warrant of Arrest of the accused Syed Tanveer Ahmed, the documents added.

In order to enforce said NBWs, continuous efforts were made to apprehend him on available addresses but it was learnt that he had shifted to some unknown location. However, after obtaining Family Tree of the accused from NADRA, a new address of the accused was traced out with the help of bank record of his son which ultimately resulted in arrest of the accused on 09 April 2018.

The accused was produced before the learned Judge (Customs and Taxation) Karachi on 10 April 2018 and seven days remand has been obtained for further investigation.



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