BankIslami restores e-banking services

KARACHI: BankIslami on Monday announced that its payment system has been successfully restored and was running absolutely secured.

“All of the bank’s services can now be accessed and operated as usual, including other banks’ ATMs, internet banking and mobile app. Thus, our customers can now access all other banks’ ATMs for cash withdrawal,” it said in a statement, adding that cash withdrawal via biometric was available before as well. However, the bank’s Point of Sales (POS) services will be restored soon.

“At BankIslami, customers’ safety holds utmost priority; hence we used all our avenues to ensure that none of our valued customers suffers any loss whatsoever. Meanwhile, our teams have been in continuous correspondence with our customers, keeping them well informed of the situation all the way through,” the statement said. “We appreciate our customers’ firm faith in us throughout this period and hereby reassure that we have put in place all the measures necessary and upgraded the system’s resilience to safeguard the bank and its customers.”

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