PM assures business community of better opportunities

Prime Minister Imran Khan along with his finance team met with the country’s prominent businessmen and industrialists on Sunday.


The Prime Minister of Pakistan on Sunday, met the countries biggest business personalities and industrialists on Sunday assuring them of better opportunities in the future.

The business personalities and industrialists offered their input regarding the upcoming budget whereas the prime minister assured them of his complete co-operation to increase the viability of businesses and industries in the country.

“We are trying to promote and cultivate ease of business and a cultures of industrialisation on priority basis, we deem gaining the trust of the business community very important,” said PM Khan while addressing the gathering.

“I am constantly meeting traders and businessmen, our objective is not to levy heavy taxes, rather we aim to accommodate, promote and facilitate the taxpayers,” added the Prime Minister.

Khan also emphasized on the importance of information technology and good governance in stabilizing the economy and improving living standards for the common citizens.

“I want our exports worthy of competing in the international market in terms of quality and quantity,” Khan stressed.




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