‘FBR to form committee for redressal of business community’s woes’


‘No one will be allowed to harass the business community and if anybody dares to do so, he will be kicked out of the FBR’

FAISALABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Shabbar Zaidi assured the business community that a committee would be constituted to remove its concerns about the recent budget.

Addressing a meeting with the business community at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) on Monday, Shabbar Zaidi said the government was making serious efforts to address the genuine problems of traders.

He said that a credible and efficient refund system would be evolved in consultation with the exporters, and, in this connection, he has invited them for a meeting in Islamabad.

He also announced to accept most of the proposals of the exporters and assured that in future their refund claims would not be deferred.

“As much as Rs38 billion have been issued for the payment of refund claims. In this regard, promissory notes are also available and the exporters could opt for these notes as and when required.”

Shabbar Zaidi said he has taken important decisions to protect the business community, adding that during his tenure, not even a single account has been attached so far.

“Similarly, no active taxpayer had been declared as inactive.”

Regarding customs, he said that at present 40pc cargo was imported through the green channel. A proposal to increase its limits from 40 to 60pc was also under consideration, he added.

Commenting on liquidity problems, he said that he could not make a decision in this regard. However, he requested the exporters to visit Islamabad so that the issue could be taken up with Advisor to PM on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

Shabbar Zaidi contradicted that the present government has imposed new taxes, saying that the government was only trying to ensure maximum recovery of the previous taxes.

Regarding amnesty scheme, he said that many businessmen could not avail this scheme due to blockage of the FBR system. “However, such issues would be resolved within the next couple of days.”

The FBR chairman said that the entire textile chain was registered in 2005, but had become redundant since then. “We are trying to register the entire chain again.”

Regarding raids on houses to recover gold and other valuable properties, he said the FBR had not issued any such directive.

“This order has been issued by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). I have taken up this issue and this order is expected to be withdrawn very soon,” he maintained

Shabbar Zaidi said that no one would be allowed to harass the business community and if anybody dared to do so, he would be kicked out of the FBR.


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