FBR seeks income details of Karachi doctors


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued notices to renowned medical centres across Karachi, seeking income details of physicians and surgeons.

According to a document issued by FBR, a large number of doctors and surgeons were found involved in tax evasion despite having registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

“The information provided would be cross-matched with the withholding statements filled by the hospitals and the consultants who are not filing the returns. Statutory notices would be issued for filing of income tax returns,” the document read.


  1. Very good decision made by the FBR in respect of income details of Karachi doctors. Such net to be spread out in all provinces of Pakistan.

    Very good ,appreciable & practical approached has been adopted by FBR. The doctor community earning a lots without paying income tax and creating imbalance situation in society .

    I also suggest to authority to check the detail of all persons through NADIRA in respect of employee ,who works in company as well as employee of Government.

    such types of persons are burden over the budget because without doing any worke, they are getting money from Government. Specially in Sindh Region.How it possible , person is same time employee of Private Institution as well as Government servant as well.

    so , please take prompt action against such person and gives the opportunities to eligible candidate/person for seeking of nation and country.

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