Diamond Industries restrained from using Master’s trademark ‘Papa Jaani’

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, through a notification, has directed all satellite television licencees to comply with the orders of the Intellectual Property Tribunal (Lahore), which restrained Diamond Industries from using the Master Enterprises’ registered trademark “Papa Jaani”.

In a recent TV advert starring Mehwish Hayat and Ali Zafar, Diamond Industries showed a wife getting upset with her husband for ordering a mattress online instead of opting for the reliable old “Papa Jani recommended mattress”.

By using the keyword “Papa Jani”, Diamond Industries had said it all without even mentioning Master. Through this “casual banter”, Diamond managed to convey the message that their mattresses can be ordered online and full customer support is provided to customers through their website and UAN.

Aggrieved of this “unethical and defamatory” trade practice of Diamond Industries, Master Enterprises had initiated a legal proceeding by filing a lawsuit in the Intellectual Property Tribunal, following which the court passed an order in favour of the plaintiff.

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