‘Govt to help furniture industry realise its potential’

Punjab governor says govt will provide visible support to furniture businesses in terms of 'simple and easily obtainable grants'


LAHORE: Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar said on Saturday that Pakistan’s handmade furniture products have a tremendous potential to capture the world market.

He expressed these views while visiting various stalls on the 2nd day of the three -day 11th Interiors Pakistan exhibition held at the Expo Centre. Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq also accompanied him on the occasion.

The Punjab governor said that Pakistan was moving forward in a better position to attract investment and it was highly appreciable that PFC was exerting full force to create opportunities for foreign investment in the country by creating business-to-business contacts with foreign furniture producers.

He said the government would fully support the furniture industry exploit its potential so that the volume of export could be maximised.

Ch Sarwar further said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government aims to establish strong liaison with this particular sector in order to understand the market conditions as well as industry requirements.

“The government will direct the concerned authorities to provide more visible support to the furniture businesses in terms of simple and easily obtainable grants,” he stated. “This will not only help the sector exhibit and attend trade shows but will also promote local exports.”

The governor said that the exhibition was a good platform for new talent to come forward and be recognised. “Through these exhibitions, the PFC has laid the groundwork for furniture-related commerce to move forward effectively, expand its market and in turn, serve the economy of Pakistan.”

He lauded PFC for promoting interior designers and furniture manufacturers from all over Pakistan both nationally and internationally.

Speaking on the occasion, PFC Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq extended his gratitude to the Punjab governor for giving assurances to the furniture sector.

He seconded the view that handmade Pakistani furniture market provides a huge opportunity to investors, given the government makes policies in accordance with the suggestions of the industry stakeholders.

Mian Kashif said with its previous experience, PFC remained one of the most distinctive channels for regional and international companies to penetrate the global market.


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