PRCS, Humanetek settle dispute over mobile app  


The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and Humanetek have amicably resolved their dispute over a mobile application and wished success to each other in serving the people during this time of crisis.

“The PRCS has launched the ‘PRC Muhafiz’ plan to fight the COVID-19. The PRCS volunteers and health professionals will continue the use of their internal system for compiling data and policy decision-making,” said a press release issued on Thursday.

The PRCS reasserted that it had nothing to do with Humanetek’s ‘Mohafiz mobile application’, which is already in public use.

“The controversy between PRCS and Humanetek had arisen out of a misunderstanding. Both the parties now wish each other well and have decided to continue to contribute towards the greater good of humanity in their respective spheres at this time of national and international crisis,” the statement read.



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