Govt cuts presidency budget by 60pc

The overall budget for the presidency has been decreased by more than 60 percent in the budget for the next fiscal year presented by the federal government on June 12. 

After the decrease the budget for the presidency stands at Rs395 million.  

According to a report published in Dawn, the budget for the presidency has been reduced by 60.18 percent or Rs597 million from its previous level of Rs992 million.

According to the report the cut includes reduction in President Arif Alvi’s personal expenses, human resource allowances and operating expenditure of the presidency. 

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Expenditure on human resource allowance has gone down to Rs193.22 million for the upcoming fiscal year, compared to Rs458.74 spent on human resource working at the presidency during the outgoing fiscal year.

Additionally operating expenses of the presidency have also been cut down to Rs53.38 million which previously stood at Rs180.44 million in the outgoing fiscal year. 

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