Citibank Pakistan CEO Nadeem Lodhi resigns 

KARACHI: Nadeem Lodhi, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Citibank Pakistan has handed in his resignation to Citibank, and will officially retire on October 31. 

The announcement was made yesterday in an internal email sent to all employees in Pakistan by Atiq Rehman, the regional head for Citibank EMEA Emerging Markets.

“Please join me in thanking Nadeem for his contributions and wishing him the very best in his future endeavours,” Rehman said. 

Lodhi first joined Citibank in Karachi in 1994. He spent 12 years in several assignments across Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. In 2006, he left Citi to pursue other opportunities, working for some time as the Sub Sahara head for Abraaj Capital. He rejoined Citi Pakistan as the CEO in 2012, a role he had held since then.

According to Adeel Shahid, spokesperson for Citibank Pakistan, Lodhi is reaching Citi Pakistan retirement age, which is 58 years. Lodhi was on leave previously but is back in the office until October 31. 

Lodhi’s replacement has not been announced. However, Moiz Hussain Ali, the Markets and Securities Services Head for Citi Pakistan will be officiating as the acting Chief Executive Officer after Lodhi retires.

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Meiryum Ali
The author is a member of the staff and can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Me from Rwp. Deepheart thks for Citibank since 1995. .when I was given Credit Card..with limit 30,000/ a difficult time..and later In 1998 and 2003 I availed 2 car loans…Best wishes.

    • Maybe if this guy had been guided in university, he wouldn’t have turned out such a money laundering mysoginist

  2. Wow. Even his boss just retired. Another good man! Lol. Does anyone actually wonder why this is happening? Indeed rather peculiar. Ask the right questions – I think

    • Not surprised. Like father like son. This is what happens when youre born to one of the most corrupt bureaucrats the civil service ever had the misfortune of producing

  3. One correction in the article. There is no real retirement age at Citibank- I think that may not be true…

  4. Lol- another senior official at Citibank in the same region also “retired” lol. That’s what they call it these days! Btw was he not also Nadeems boss? What goes around, comes around. Who are you trying to fool?

  5. Read in The Key Man how the Lodhi brothers bribed politicians to get Karachi Electric deal done in this guy Nadeem’s house! Bunch of crooks need to be put in jail, adyala or next to Naqvi in US

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