IBA: No attendance exemptions if Covid positive

In a recently announced set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi has informed its students that they will not be provided with any leeway in attendance if they contract the coronavirus.

The university is to reopen on September 15 for its students. It outlined the need for masks and social distancing. The notification explained the various rules IBA has implemented to control the spread of the virus.

However, it stated, “Please note, if a student contracts Covid-19, he/she will not be given any leeway in attendance. Absences allowed for a course as per policy will remain in force and no exception on medical grounds will be given. Use your absences wisely, be cautious in late comings and in skipping classes.”

Despite providing no concessions in attendance for students that contract the virus, the same notification calls for students to observe quarantine at home if they exhibit symptoms.

“The attendance policy clearly addresses the fact that absences should only be used for emergencies which include medical emergencies,” comments Haris Tohid Siddiqui, Senior Manager, Corporate Relations & Communications at IBA while speaking exclusively to Profit.  

He adds, “These unprecedented times require extreme caution from students in their demeanour. Skipping classes and late comings, due to carelessness and tardiness, is highly discouraged. Through this policy, we want to give a message to the students that they must take caution in their demeanour.”

“Lastly, there have been cases in the past where exception on medical grounds has been given in the past on a case to case basis. Exceptions cannot be the rule. The university may review certain cases keeping in mind medical proof and their previous record,” notes Siddiqui.

As per the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, “these decisions are to be taken by each university in light of their own circumstances. HED Regulates the quality of education and research. It does not get into internal matters of the university.”

IBA has been known in the past for its strict attendance policy that stands despite strikes and citywide lockdowns. The university allows 5 absences per course in a semester. Previously this stood at 7 absences a semester.

Previously the university has been allegedly seen faking following SOPs as picked up in the tweet below. Students have expressed great concern over the COVID policy.


Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached on [email protected]


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