Thatta extraction plant starts palm oil production

THATTA: A palm oil extraction plant being run by the Sindh’s Environment, Climate Change & Coastal Development Department started production on Wednesday.

“The Sindh government has successfully carried out the first-ever pilot project of growing palm oil trees in the province,” said Sindh’s Adviser for Environment and Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab during his visit to the palm oil extraction plant and the palm tree fields in Thatta district.

Wahab termed the completion of the pilot project a milestone for local palm oil production, informing that oil palm trees had been planted on 50 acres of government land under a pilot project. “All the trees have now grown up for oil extraction.”

The provincial adviser said that the palm oil extraction plant will produce two tonnes of oil per day. “Pakistan annually spends $4 billion foreign exchange on the import of palm oil,” he noted.

He said the local production of palm oil will help the country substantially save its precious foreign currency reserves, adding that after successful completion of the palm oil pilot project, the Sindh government has decided to further expand the project and in this regard has allocated more land for plantation.


  1. It is to less, the provincial and federal government must pay a serious attention for planting the palm trees on a very big area and give incentives to private sector for mass plantation of palm trees.

  2. First good rather very good step taken by Sindh. Plants r old, I don’t know whose vision was this . But whoever did it, its really a first step towards good future. I m sure zardari PPP Bilawal can’t do this seeing their track record. Pls want to know the history of this project. But this is first good proj in sindh no doubt.

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