Weekly inflation drops 1pc

ISLAMABAD: The Sensitive Price Index (SPI)-based weekly inflation dropped one per cent during the week ended 11th March, data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Friday showed.

PBS calculates the SPI based on the prices of 51 essential items from 50 markets across 17 cities of the country. Out of the 51 items, prices of seven decreased, 26 increased, while that of 18 remained unchanged.

According to details, items that recorded a decrease in their weekly prices included garlic (6.64pc), chicken (2.96pc), onions (0.91pc), gur (0.69pc), pulse masoor (0.49pc), electricity (9.01pc) and LPG (2.13pc).

On the other hand, an increase was observed in the prices of eggs (10.78pc), tomatoes (7.01pc), bananas (3.83pc), lawn printed (2.33pc), potatoes (2.31pc), sugar (1.74pc), fresh milk (1.37pc), shirting (1.36pc), long cloth (1.27pc), georgette (1.24pc), curd (1.12pc) and wheat flour bag (1.03pc).

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Meanwhile, the year-on-year trend depicted a 13.48pc increase in SPI, with most price hike seen in chili powder (143.07pc), electricity (69.19pc), eggs (65.38pc), chicken (46.41pc), gents sandal (33.37pc), matchbox (30.47pc), mustard oil (26.99pc), gents sponge chappal (25.13pc), sugar (22.86pc), washing soap (20.78pc) and long cloth (19.58pc). On the contrary, a major decrease was observed in the price of onions (50.82pc), garlic (40.42pc), potatoes (12.81pc), LPG (11.69pc), tomatoes (6.59pc) and diesel (4.98pc).

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