Cocomos and IPO frenzy – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

In this week’s social media round up, Ariba Shahid walks us through the falling number of cocomos per packet, Karachi’s complex relationship with Tabish Gauhar, Waqar Zaka’s war on Elon Musk, as well as what to do if your boss sees your tweet about them. All this and more in this week’s  social media roundup. 

  1. We’re just asking for a couple more cocomos 

This world is sadly all about profit. Sounds a little strange coming from Profit magazine, but we love cocomo just as much as the rest of you and are just as disappointed at the lack of cocomo in a pack. Aneel Iqbal is right though, there is definitely a reason we see less cocomo in a pack, the business does not operate with the intention of cocomo maximization – even though we hope they did.

  1. Post struggles 

In this thread, Ziyad, a startup entrepreneur, talks about the perils of using Pakistan Post for businesses in Pakistan. Amazon, really won’t know what hit them (if they ever get their package on time). And while Murad Saeed was supposed to be the talented young minister that was to save and revolutionize the Pakistan Post (and he has done some work), there is a long way to go. Perhaps fewer fights in the National Assembly would help. 

  1. Not so impressive records 

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If you do something specific enough, you will no doubt manage to create a world record, most probably because it just hasn’t been done before. The way there is a Guiness World Record for most soda cans opened with a parrot’s beak, or there is a record in cricket for fastest century in the first session of a test match (in terms of minutes). It really is a case of inventing records for yourself. 

In the same way, when it comes to financial news, it is always “First IPO of the year” this, and “IPO after x years” that, or “First (insert industry) IPO in x years”, and now “Two equity IPOs in a month”. What we’re trying to say is, you will always find a way to make an IPO sound special – but do we really need to celebrate IPOs? I mean after all, when are we going to normalize IPOs? Osman Mohiuddin, ex banker and startup founder rightly points out how the SECP needs to do more for minority investors, especially in light of more IPOs. 

  1. Notice me Elon 

Isn’t the whole point of crypto currencies to free oneself from the shackles of regulations and fiat? Well if that is the case, why is Zaka complaining now about the lack of regulation? Also, is he serious about getting twitter to ban Elon Musk (of course it is possible, remember what twitter did to Trump?). Would be cool if Musk files a lawsuit about Zaka and his allegations about Elon being a pumper and dumper. Then again, any attention from Musk would probably be incredible for Zaka. 

  1. First impressions 

Tabish Gauhar is the SAPM on power, however we all (Karachites) know him as the man that ran K electric. Because of that one job he held once upon a time, we will associate him to all the hours of load shedding we faced as a result. Tabish may go on to become the best thing for the power sector, but we do not care. All that matters for us is the load shedding we faced.

  1. Beware the bosses 

Honestly, can’t say this enough but twitter seems more useful for work than linkedin is. It’s more informative if you follow the right people and better for networking. You can tell it’s better by the fact that we’ve completely stopped referring to linkedin posts in this roundup.  However, twitter is risky. Sometimes your tweets about your annoying bosses and coworkers go viral and end up reaching them. For that we suggest alt accounts. Maybe someday you’ll bump into mine.

  1. Same 

Hey Preeti, we agree 100% because we relate 100%.

  1. For the love of genres

While we agree with Asra on how the population finds it cool to hate on Pakistani content, we can’t help but mention the fact that Hollywood comes out with hundreds of movies each year. A majority of those movies have nothing to do with the army. Pakistan comes out with a handful of movies in a year out of which more than half of them are either by the ISPR or about the army in some way. We even got a navy movie believe it or not. A romcom here or a comedy there that does not involve patriotism might be nice.

  1. Now or never 

This is the literal translation of it is now or never. However, when you’re talking about your own venture, it’s not that simple and nor should it be. At least that’s what Zavain Dar thinks. Prioritizing the short term over the long term through quick decisions should not be a thing.

  1.  Conclusion 

Minahil sums up what it’s like to be on twitter in a tweet. It’s crazy and we live for crazy. [/restrict]

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at

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