Financial inclusion and chair politics – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

Once again i am beating the old drum about having financial inclusion for women. It is a tiring proposition to bring it up again and again, but the issue is also so vital that it cannot simply be ignored. A lot else was going on too in the background, with people being asked why they wanted a job, others going to twitter for advice, and some very smart kids that have some financial advice for you. I bring you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup. 

Financial inclusion for women 

It’s not easy getting finance if you’re a woman in the country. We’ve established that. We wonder when it will be and when Profit can move beyond such tweets in our social media round up. Our gut feeling tells us that there is still a long way to go. Banking and the availability of financial tools to women are still controlled by an archaic system. We sincerely hope that financial inclusion for women is realised sooner rather than later, especially since it is one of the most important aspects of gender equality. There is no point in banks turning their logos pink for a few days if they aren’t going to take affirmative action to ensure women stop getting the short end of the stick. Until that day, we will continue reminding everyone that it is high time to move forward with financial inclusion for women. 

Why do I need this job? To pay for my KFC. 

Honestly, I don’t know why businesses expect you to have a flowery reason for why you want to do a certain job. Why can’t I just say “to pay for my unhealthy coping mechanisms.” Why does one always have to write made up nonsense like “to challenge myself in a competitive and educative environment.” Why does the world obsess over fancy statements? Fluff is fluff. All it tells a person is your ability to bs your way through bureaucratic hell – which we suppose is something a lot of companies look for in candidates. We need more people like Miroslav to say it like it is.

Last place for good advice 

Usually, if you have to get twitter to vet a purchase, you are already thinking about it too much and trying to justify it. If you’re trying to justify it, that means you really want it. Splurge, that’s what we say. After all, the value of money means you’re better off spending than actually saving considering the real interest rates are negative and inflation is scary. Life is unpredictable too. Just saying.

Smart kids 

My 3 month old nephew said that the stock market is not an accurate indicator of the economy. Whereas my niece said that interest rate hikes don’t work in a cost-push inflationary environment. Kids are so smart these days. Gotta love it. This survey shows you just that.

Not-so-musical chair  

Is this really a thing in corporate Pakistan? If true, then it’s scary. I mean how fragile does one’s ego have to be to think a chair shows how important you are. A person’s spot is a person’s spot. Doesn’t matter if you’re the most important person in the room or not. Bosses need to understand that their employees aren’t servants. Then again, the Urdu word for job is basically naukri and mulazmat, which come from the word naukar and mulazim meaning servants. No wonder this sense of entitlement from some bosses.


Take a shot of cough syrup every time a VC says Young population, 220  million population, disrupt, return to Pakistan, or says revolutionise. You’d pass out with liver failure 5 minutes into the monologue because that’s how much these terms are done to death. Zahid does however raise a valid point, if the population is enough of a driving source for investment, why does every startup that makes it big look beyond Pakistan. Why not capture a greater chunk of the local market first. Stop selling the market to be bigger than it is when in reality the population isn’t as tech adaptive and urban as you’re making it seem. Your foreign brought solutions don’t always fit in with all 220 million. Admit it. The sooner you do, the better.


Aankhon Ko Aankhon Nay Jo Sapna Dikhaaya Hai Dekho Kahin Toot Jaye Na. Puzzled whether to quote Junaid Jamshed or to quote Taher Shah and his masterpiece eye to eye. It’s all in the eyes. The eyes never lie Chico. Okay enough

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at


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