IT ministry fails to appoint permanent ED at NITB

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom has failed to appoint a permanent Executive Director for the National Information Technology Board (NITB) for the last one year.

Sources said that the fifth extension of Director General Administration NITB Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi as acting ED NITB has also expired on May 18, 2022.

The Ministry of IT & T last week conducted interviews for the selection of ED NITB in addition the Ministry has shortlisted three candidates, sources added.

It is pertinent to note that head-hunting firm, Professional Employers Pvt. Ltd had shortlisted some 11 candidates for the position of ED NITB.

Sources said that a lobby sitting in the Ministry of IT&T, as well as the PM secretariat, delayed the appointment process of new ED NITB as reportedly the former acting ED allegedly gave favors by appointing their recommended persons in NITB through a third party.

Whenever the tenure of the acting ED ends, the officials of the Ministry of IT&T prepare a summary for the extension of tenure.

As per the Establishment Division document issued on January 10, 2022, MoIT&T initiated a summary for the PM regarding the charge of the post of ED, NITB to Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi DG (Administration), MP-II Scale for a further period of forty-five days from the date of notification to this effect.

The summary states that a summary was moved by the Ministry of IT & Telecom on 26th October 2021 to assign the charge of the post of ED NITB to Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi, DG (Administration), MP-II Scale for a period of three months w.e.f 15th October 2021 or till the appointment of a regular incumbent, whichever is earlier.

The Prime Minister’s Office vile U.O. No. 2462/SPM/2021 dated 12th November 2021 approved the proposal with the modification that charge of the post shall be assigned for a period of two months only w.e.f 15th October 2021 which expired on 14th December 2021.

The summary further states that another summary for the appointment of ED NITB SPPS-I was moved on 23rd November 2021 by this Ministry.

The Prime Minister’s Office vide U.O. No. 2818/SPM/2021 dated December 17, 2021 approved the proposal proffered by the MoIT&T vide para 5 (ii) of the summary regarding the appointment of ED, NITB through a headhunting firm, with the stipulation that the process of appointment shall be completed within a period of forty-five days.

The M/o IT & Telecom has proposed that the charge of the vacant post of ED, NITB may be assigned to Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi, DG (Administration), MP-II Scale for a further period of forty-five days from the date of notification to this effect.

The summary has been examined and as pointed out in the previous Summary for the Prime Minister dated 23.11.2021, Establishment Division again observes that the nature of the charge proposed has not been specified. Furthermore, MP Scales Policy, 2021 does not contain any provision which allows the grant of any charge of a post to an MP scale holder ( Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi) Director General (Administration), MP-II scale in the instant case.

Sources said that currently there are a number of IT-related projects pending in NITB  due to the stubbornness of DG admin. Kazmi’s tenure as DG admin is going to expire next month and reportedly he is struggling hard to get another term, sources added.

Sources also said that NAB is also investigating the various complaints against Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi due to his involvement in kickbacks and corruption charges for awarding the various projects.


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    • Spreading false info will not prove anyone wrong but you who is hiding his own identity to blame others. I personally know Mr. Kazmi. I have never seen an honest and loyal man like him. One day a Dir called me and said that there is no need of our dept. He called us and supported us. There is so much leg pulling here. Mr Imran Haider is a greedy man. He wants to replace Mr. Kazmi. Please I req authorities to take action against him ASAP.

      • Agreed Saira. Since they know very well where they stand due to their incompetency they are trying to use their dirty & cheap tricks to defame Kazmi Sb.

        • What assholes you are Saira and Hamza. You know that God is watching and you will pay for this. Keep lying. One day it will bite you in the ass

          • And who is biting your ass you low life jerk. Whose asshole are you? Calling someone an ass hole just because they won’t buy your mud. You piece of shit.

  2. That’s true… Mr Kazmi involved in corrupt practices and destroy NITB. The PS to Minister MoIT&T Mr Faraz’s Wife which is just BA passed hired by Mr Kazmi at NITB on the salary of 150000/ per month. Mr Kazmi influence on NITB on all the decision of administration, hiring, procurement through involvement and kickbacks to Minister’s office.

    • NITB mn identify Karen in black sheeps ko. Jo seat ka lia yah sub kar rahe haen. Please kick them out. We all know who they are and what their aims are! They want to hire people of their choice, like them. That’s why they are trying to blame Kazmi Sahab. Kazmi sahab na hotey toh loot k kha jatey yah NITB koh. Sab ko terminate kia jae. Plz

    • This article is a propaganda!!!! Just a bunch of lies to defame Hussnain Sb who is a respectable and worthy officer

      • Ahsan, you have no idea what an As*h*le he is!!!
        These kind of people not just damage departments but a big shame for our society.
        Kazmi doesnt know shit about IT and he is heading IT Board.

  3. Aftab (Director to Minister MoIT&T ) ka sath be to sitting hain aiski, who be pora involved hain kickbacks main….Kazmi is really dishonest and corrupt men. He must be fired.

  4. Yes v true. Just a bunch of people are involved to defame a single identity. I request the authorities to remove this people from the seats as they are dishonest and disloyal to Nitb including Mr. Sohail and Mr. Imran Haider. If I talk about Mr. Sohail then for sure he is just a characterless man, calling ladies unnecessarily to his office and having loose talk.

    • One of my friend left Nitb due to the dirty politics being played by Imran Haider and Sohail Uncle. Both having zero personality and always blaming others for their mismanagement. Yar inko rakha kis nay hai? System ko theak karna hay toh inko nikalo.!

    • Muja tu Kazmi sb apna office main bula ka Harraesment karna ki khosish karta hain…shameless person!

      • And why did you let him harass you and post this pack of lies over here under a hidden identity 🤔
        Why were you waiting for this low key article who has no viewership/readership except for those bunch of incompetent wannabees who have planted this filthy article.

  5. Siraf 2,4 log on ko nikal dou Nitb saaaf ho jayeee ga. Wo 2, 4 loug he yeh gand kar rahe haen. Seat ki lalach mein.
    In koh ic tarha kar ka khwab mn be seat nae milni. Fikar not.

  6. Shahzad Paracha must be served with a defamation notice because of his yellow journalism. This article should fall under spoof.
    What an utter piece of crap with no authenticity. It is because of such dirty propaganda that people of character refuse to serve in government organisations. Next time try putting up a decent article and come up with logics rather than spewing hate, jealousy and hurling baseless allegations Paracha.

    • Surprisingly girls are leaping to his defense. Girls with names that never worked in NITB. Girls who are actually men that are being tasked by Kazmi to do his dirty work. Everyone knows Kazmi is corrupt to the core. And he is incompetent. That is why NITB now is nothing more than a piece of garbage. Keep this up and soon NITB will be shut down.

      • Surprisingly a woman named mehwish, hiding her real name, with chutiya written skills blames Kazmi for harrasment which he is doing currently and jealous people like you are spreading their shit here. NITB is all over mainstream media today because of it’s initiatives all successful which Kazmi took meanwhile you bunch of losers sit on this ghattia forum spewing hate

  7. I have worked closely under the leadership of Hussnain Sb for more than 4+ years. These accusations written in the article are meaningless and hold no factual value. Mr. Hussnain Kazmi is one of the most diligent, most professional, honest and competent officer at NITB. These baseless comments regarding not just Hussnain Sb but Ministry as well hold no value and is a clear indication of someone spreading misinformation.

  8. Hello Mr Kazmi….everyone knows very well how competent and honest you are. And everyone also know your previous employment history in school and how you fired in Harraesment case. I think your focus must be to suo this news article if it is false rather than wasting time for asking your puppets to post comments with fake IDs. If these people have right identity then asked them to post the comments from their official email ID.

    All the records of your corruptions are available and are open book, how you are getting the kickbacks from 3rd party HR resources employment and awarding other mega projects….. making corruption in day to day office matters….

    Faraz’s Wife (PS to Minister MoIT&T) na IT Graduation ki hain Oxford sa….jis ko 150,000 per month pa job di hain…she is just BA passed.. kuch tu sharm honi chaia…aur be but sa log rakha hoa hain 3Rd party pa…. jo mention kea tu ministry ka section officer sa la ka PM office ka deputy secretary tak sb ka nam ahan give jo jo involved hain tmhare corruption main.

    abi but kuch NAB ka pass jana hain…

    • Faisal wese waqayi Larkiyo wale kaam ker gaye. Lagte bhe they larki lekin aj apni identity chupa kar joh kar rahe haen uuff itni jealousy ha seat ki?
      Ministry tum say poch kar rakhe gi na loug? Aj tak kiya Koch ha nae.
      Jo insan dusro pa blame lagata hay woh sari umar yahi karta ha. Thora kaam par bi dehan diya karo, yahan sa focus hat jaye ga.

    • Hello Fake Sadia
      Try posting your email and original ID before spreading this propaganda. In what capacity are you challenging decisions made by the federal government. Try working hard and let go of all this jealousy and don’t teach government organisations how to function.

      • Yes you are a brave man you moron, posting as anonymous. What she has said is 200% correct. I bet you are one of Husnain’s puppets who is also as corrupt as he is! Lanaat ho tum par

        • Guess what Sarmad the laanat actually reflects back to you both. Spilling mud or dirt on a man and when you guys fail you pull out the harassment card. Laanat tum jaisay ghaleez logon per ho who cannot be at the same level with someone and when nothing works oh he harrassed me.

  9. DG Sohail and Kazmi both are having same MP-II scale. I don’t know how Kazmi is superior, sb opera asa comments kar raha hain jasa CSS kar ka laga hoa hain. The only competancy is ka Kazmi kickbacks Minister tak pouchta jis ki waja sa Non-technical personal ko technical organization main acting charge aik saal sa dea hoa hain…. aur Ministry ko pora pakistan main koi competent banda nei malta jo aise ko bar bar extension malte rahte hain…

  10. Yes, DG Admin ka next tenure ka lea kise Brig (R) appointment karni chaia….tb NITB saaf ho ga…agar Kazmi jasa corrupt banda dobara DG Admin appointed hoa tu pora department destroy ho jaia ga.

    • Bhai haram kay paisay say aa rahi hai aur kahan say? Warna MPII ki salary after tax deductions is 380,000. Aur koi benefit nahin hota. Ab isko Board Meetings waighara kay paisa miltay hain warna 380k iski take home salary hai.

  11. For all those defending Husnain or accusing him, let us talk facts. Husnain has done Masters in Public Administration from University of Punjab. His last job was as Manager HR in a School System. He was hired as a DG when he had no experience of working higher than a manager. During his tenure, he has hired firms that have given him kick backs. The HR Firm ALM which provides 3rd party resources to NITB gives him a monthly commission. He has already been named in multiple fraud investigations including in centralized procurement where he has allegedly made several million rupees. This is probably the first instance in the world where a person who has zero IT skills or background, cannot even write an email properly it left to run the IT arm of the Government. What a shame this is. And finally, he is also a characterless person, who makes fun of females and harasses them! He will be punished by Allah in this world and hereafter

    • He was hired by a structured team of thorough professionals and it doesn’t matter if people like you who cannot even name themselves like it or not. The government isn’t run by his maternals so his hiring was through a fair process. Challenging it is actually proving the government wrong.
      Globally it is a common practice that Top tier leaders do not write their emails themselves but have their team responsd to it by giving them a brief.
      Stigmatising everything with religion doesn’t justify your filthy allegations. You must at least as a human being understand and realize how wrong it is to label someone as a harrasser. What are all those victims waiting for and not reporting it?
      Finally let Allah be the judge and do not pass judgements as on who will be punished or forgiven. Try reading about hurling false allegations also.

      • You can’t be a female else you wouldn’t have said this about the victims. To start with, you said what are those victims waiting for? How about you read about the MeToo movement. Go and ask those women what they were “waiting” for.

        And as for what I said, I stand by my words. Each and every word I have said is true. Nothing I have said is false. You know absolutely shit, else you wouldn’t be defending this person. You can keep him company in hell.

        • And who are you to challenge my knowledge about the metoo movement or to decide who is coming to hell with me?
          Get a life, try to stand with the right. I feel sorry for anyone who was harassed but no please don’t play a victim or a woman card just to defame a man if you don’t like him.
          Try speaking with logic.

  12. Husnain Kazmi ek number ka nalaiq choor insaan hai. ALM kay zareeye croroon kha gaya hai. Apnay banday hire kar raha hai. Aur saray kaam kay banday nikal raha hai. Behgiarat admi hai.

  13. Everybody fighting here and blaming someone but intact all of the top management is to be blamed for downfall of Nitb. Husnain misused his position and power to make money and made millions from tenders ,outsourcing companies , and many other things , he is non IT who just got extensions through TC.
    But on the other hand what good has Dg pmo done good for nitb , not a single psdp project is in good position due to third class management and poor vision from pmo, all psdp projects are going downfall, one is halted , one has nab cases, and no other started , he is also here 3 years and what good he has done ,none other than using projects money , even using laptops,mobiles from projects ,and dg pmo and dg so making money from tenders,
    So everybody here is corrupted and pathetic ,

  14. Yahan pe kuch loog sudhar jayen jo aur logoun ko tiliyan dy rhay hain k Ed k khilaaf likhen ,warna kuch dgs k against kuch khufya videos and corruption proofs b higher level tk ja sakty hain phr koi dg nhe rehna :p and phr na kehna khabar na huwi

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