Those pesky $25,000 dollars a month – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

Pakistan houses 2.8% of the world’s population but makes up 8% of the world’s unbanked population. Draws questions on the regulator and banking sector as to why the growth in financial inclusion has remained stagnant. 

For someone that has studied business and finance courses at Wharton, the best way to know about PIA losses would be the financial statements – not airline staff. Unless ofcourse, you’re looking for nuances and internal reasons for losses not covered in statements. 

Who run the world? Dollars. You can take every necessary step to curb dollar outflows but the world will still find a way for you to cough them up. 

13,000 accounts is no joke. Global perception is real when we talk about business. There is a need to rebuild consumer confidence globally. Acts like this won’t help. 

Who would’ve thought teams could ever beat slack?

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$25000 is no joke. Maybe PR companies in Pakistan might be able to charge the rates they want now. 

Sometimes panic sentiment gets the best of a situation. 

14 August and 75th year of independence. A 75% off sale would be amazing. But then again, can brands afford that? More importantly, can you afford to spend more money while thinking you’re saving?

We keep coming back to the same problem every few days. How does one increase inflows and decrease outflows?




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