Remoty – An innovative task-tracking and payroll management tool is enabling companies globally to embrace remote work

Building a global distributed team is challenging since teams work in different time zones, flexible shifts, multiple work modes (remote, on-site or both) and end up using too many tools which work in silos resulting in low work visibility for supervisors. This makes it difficult for HRs to access team productivity and accurately compile working hours & other benefits for payroll.

Even after getting all the pieces of evidence for this post-pandemic world to be remote, many managers and team leads are still reluctant to let their employees work remotely. In recent research conducted, about 40% of the 215 supervisors and managers in the study, expressed low self-confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely. A major problem that came into focus was the adaptation & continuous use of different tech tools by the whole team.

Hence, it is established that the major problem is not the remote work but the managing of remote workers. Tapping in this space are three brilliant minds from Pakistan, whose mission is to bring order to the chaos. They aim to make Remoty, one unified tool, that does everything from one place and minimizes context switching which will lead to greater team productivity and efficiency. Remoty turns a sync check-ins and data from the team’s tools (like Slack, Github Jira etc) into concise, insightful reports. This boosts team collaboration and provides supervisors with more visibility. The smart algorithms use this data to automate time-sheet and accurate project billing generation.

“The new normal is remote or you can say the hybrid world. Working remotely has a lot of benefits as it provides the employees with flexibility and greater work-life balance which boosts their productivity. The only thing that is lacking is finding the best tools & practices to manage remote workers. And this is exactly what Remoty is trying to do” says Fatimah Zafar, Co-Founder and the COO of Remoty. Fatimah has demonstrated experience as a venture builder at Alt Ventures and as an independent consultant. She has been working with numerous tech startups to test their MVPs, and scale their sales and the marketing operations to find product market fit.

Remoty’s ultimate vision is to make remote work simpler and easier for all global companies so that the team manager and the CEOs can make the most out of this remote & hybrid work culture. In this post-pandemic world, 34% of firms have increased the use of the internet, social media, and digital platforms, and 17% of firms have invested in new equipment, software, or digital solutions. This proved that even if some organizations are reluctant to adapt to this new life, most of them have already accepted and are ready to equip themselves with the latest technology to get fully adapted.

What happened throughout the global lockdown was a situation where businesses lost their ability to track when their team members or employees were working. And here’s where Remoty comes into play.

Remoty’s CEO and co-founder, Mahad Ahmad has extensive experience in building and scaling products with a proven track record with RepairDesk, helping them increase their ARR by 40% within a year. Mahad believes that the, “The lack of control over people’s (employee) time is less important. What we should focus more on is the output. Remoty handles very smartly. For the managers, it automatically tracks the time of the employees and produces features where managers can stay on top of their employee’s work. On the other hand, it is such an easy to use and intuitive tool that the employees don’t feel any burden while using it during their work”.

Slack; a team communication platform; with a user base of 20 Million active users, has been used as a wedge by the team to get Remoty a good user base. The founders believed this could bring a substantial amount of customers for Remoty before they move into other team communication tools like MS Teams and Google Chats who have an accumulative user base of around 270 Million.

To their surprise, in a very short time span, Slack itself has identified Remoty as one of the most important tools for remote working and placed it in the top 6 Slack’s recommended productivity tools for remote teams.

With a Total Addressable Market of $122.3 Billion and getting recognition by some top tier platforms validated the whole idea even more. Remoty was inculcated by the Amazon Web Services in their startup accelerator and got selected by the Mongo Atlas and the Google Cloud Platform to be a part of their startup programs. Remoty also got selected as the Top 10 startups globally by Tim Draper at the Hero Training Program for Entrepreneurs by Draper University.

Deosai Ventures has recently announced Remoty to be one of their portfolio companies along with some very high profile companies such as Truck It In, Roomy, InventHub, Metric, etc. They are backing Remoty financially along with some angel investors who are executives from Google, Microsoft and Deel.

“Being an engineer myself, I could very accurately understand what the employees, especially the developers have to go through when they are asked to use too many tools while working. That’s why the only aim of our team is to make the lives of engineers, employees, and managers easier while working remotely and we are trying to achieve that with remoty”; comments the CTO of remoty; Owais Basit. Working hand-in-hand in the most exclusive teams and directly with the CEO of Arbisoft to build optimized missions, critical algorithms and softwares; Owais fully understands that with all the technological interventions and new tools in the market during this pandemic, rather than getting easy, people have become more confused.

The whole team of remoty is operating as a remote-first company, with a team of 12 consisting of a diverse group of passionate developers and marketers, with a shared vision for the future of innovations in remote and hybrid work culture and the unrelenting drive to realize that vision. Their constant hard work and motivation has already managed to capture some great customers and attract more than 1500 active users who are loving this easy to use and intuitive tool. Team Remoty is using their full potential in bringing everything under one roof with an even bigger goal to integrate blockchain and crypto frameworks to build a payroll compliance system where the CEOs would not even have to worry about this part of their companies.

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