Roshan Digital Account inflows exceed $7bn mark

The Net Repatriable Liability now stands at $1.181 billion, representing 16.79 percent of the total RDA

The total inflows into Roshan Digital Account (RDA) reached $137 million during November 2023, contributing to the cumulative inflows surpassing $7.035 billion, according to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Data indicates that $110 million was repatriated and locally utilized during the same month, resulting in a net increase of $27 million in Net Repatriable Liability (NRL) for RDA.

Of the total amount, $7 million was repatriated, while $103 million was utilized locally in November. The cumulative repatriation and local utilization since the inception of RDA amount to $5.853 billion, with $1.531 billion repatriated and $4.322 billion locally utilized. The Net Repatriable Liability (NRL) now stands at $1.181 billion, representing 16.79 percent of the total RDA.

Breaking down the NRL, $323 million remains invested in Conventional Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPC), $432 million in Islamic NPC, equity investment at $29 million, balances in accounts at $374 million, and other liabilities at $23 million.

During the current financial year, RDA received a total of $685 million, compared to $830 million in the corresponding period of the previous year. The total repatriation and local utilization in the current financial year amounted to $624 million, down from $1.135 billion in the corresponding period last year.

In November alone, 11,146 new accounts were opened, bringing the total number of RDA accounts to 640,875. Notably, the highest monthly inflow into RDA was recorded in June 2021, with inflows reaching $310 million.

Conversely, the highest monthly repatriation and local utilization occurred in July 2022, resulting in a reduction of $330 million in the NRL of RDA.



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