The May pun and Yayvo Shopping Day


Amidst an expected shopping rush and price-hikes in the upcoming month of Ramzan, the e-commerce industry comes together to the rescue by hosting a mega shopping day sale just a week prior to the holy month. It’s time to lock your calendars and start saving because fashion, gadgets, accessories, grocery, lifestyle products and much more are going to be on sale with up to 75 per cent off on Yayvo Shopping Day over the weekend before Ramzan starts, on the 19th of May!, announced Shopping Day today after it revealed the story of the black mystery box. Starting from the 3rd of May, these mystery boxes took the Pakistani social media by storm, making everyone wonder who’s sending the box and what it contains. The mystery boxes were coded and the key to unlocking it was revealed today at 12 pm on the website. While Yayvo got everyone to start thinking about the contents of the box (#IsMaykiahai), it successfully played on the pun of May and announced its Shopping Day starting May 19th! Finally came the great news – #IsMay Yayvo Shopping Day hai!

Yayvo created this activity that was geared towards announcing Yayvo Shopping Day, Pakistan’s first unique online shopping event.

Here’s what Adam Dawood, Head of Yayvo had to say about this event:

“The e-commerce industry today lacks a local shopping festival that we can truly call our own, as opposed to China with Singles Day and India with its shopping festivals around Diwali. Our goal in creating Shopping Day is to help bring the e-commerce industry together for a shopping festival we can share and perpetually run as it begins in the week before Ramzan. We have made all the creative assets for Shopping Day available publicly for any e/retailer to use.

The goal of such large shopping events is to promote both online shopping and digital inclusion. Past results indicate that big keystone events result in large customer acquisitions from people shopping online for the very first time. We are also working with our partners at the telco’s and internet service providers to potentially zero-rate e-commerce sites on the 19th to further increase digital inclusion and bring Pakistanis online for the very first time.”

Strategically placed a week before Ramzan, Shopping Day will be celebrated annually on a grand scale. Brands, retail stores, salons and e-commerce players from all across the country will participate in the event.

The Shopping Day event is an e-commerce industry centric event, which will also be hosted by other e-commerce players on the weekend of 19th May. Customers will be rattled to spend all their time shopping online on this weekend. Yayvo has created an event which surely marks the beginning of an era – an event that is hoped to become a yearly ritual, one that everyone looks forward to before the onset of Ramadan.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to shop, and start saving. This 19th May, it will be difficult to resist all the great deals. Yayvo promises that #IsMay #RahaNaJae.



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