APO pledges support to Pakistan for improving productivity

ISLAMABAD: Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) Secretary-General Dr Santhi Kanoktanaporn Wednesday vowed to support Pakistan in skill development for innovation in productivity through its technical expert services for different sectors.

During his meeting with Interior and Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal here on Wednesday, the Secretary-General of APO said the APO will promote bilateral and multilateral alliances among its 20 member countries.

He also added the private sector needs to be taken on board to run an effective productivity movement in Pakistan, a statement Wednesday said.

Ahsan Iqbal appreciated APO for providing support to develop a framework for Pakistan Productivity, Quality and Innovation (PPQI) initiative by deputing Dr Woon Kin Chung from Singapore in January 2017.

Dr Santhi proposed that Pakistan should have a Strategic Foresight Unit (SFU) in order to cope with the future challenges, similar to ones established by Singapore developed in 1996.

The minister apprised the proposal of Dr Santhi and said it can be developed under the umbrella of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform with the support of technical expert services from APO.

In another meeting with Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Sartaj Aziz, Dr Santhi highlighted the importance of NPOs in the developing countries.

He stressed that National Productivity Organisations (NPOs) are playing a pivotal role in the national development of APO member countries such as NPOs in Singapore, Japan and Malaysia are playing a vibrant role in the growth of their countries. Similarly, NPO Pakistan should also be given a leading role in productivity improvement in Pakistan.

NPO Pakistan Chief Executive Officer Abdul Ghaffar Khattak shared that they are working on multiple directions for productivity enhancement in the country such as NPO Pakistan has acquired APO technical support for developing Demonstration companies in Pakistan to eliminate waste by selecting organisations from hospitality, food and engineering sectors, where handsome saving has been achieved.

These demonstration companies will become a role model for other similar organisations and will be replicated to achieve productivity.

He also added that during the first phase of PPQI initiative NPO intends to develop around 600 productivity practitioners which can later be utilised as consultants on the subject and introduce an excellence award in Pakistan.

The deputy chairman thanked Dr Santhi for visiting Pakistan and showed his willingness to develop the SFU with APO technical and to launch PPQI initiative with spirit.

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