Miftah Ismail takes a dig at govt’s economic policies

Former finance minister Miftah Islmail on Thursday took a dig at the economic policies of the incumbent government.

Taking to social media, the former finance minister said, “When PMLN presented this year’s budget, we raised the maximum allowable limit for levy on petrol & diesel to Rs20 per litre. But we didn’t raise the actual levy from Rs10 per litre. PTI criticised our measure. When PTI presented its 1st mini-budget, it announced withdrawal of the PMLN measure saying PTI will revert the limit to the old rate of Rs 10 per litre. All PTI members applauded this move. But in actual budget papers PTI never reversed what we had done. PTI just got fake applause. And guess what. Although we never imposed levy beyond Rs10 limit.”

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He continued, “PTI, after opposing the raising of limits during our budget and then falsely promising to withdraw this during their 1st mini budget, has now actually put a levy of Rs12.12 on petrol and Rs13.99 on diesel. If you announce in your speech you will withdraw a levy and then don’t withdraw and then actually raise the levy sneakily, what’s that called? Similar is the story with allowing non-tax filers to buy cars. In the 1st mini-budget they tried to do away with this measure. PMLN protested and PTI backed down. But the car lobby wasn’t done.”

In another tweet, he stated, “In the 2nd mini budget PTI said it will allow non-filers to buy small cars. But in the actual budget it has again allowed non-filers to buy any domestic car some of which now cost more than 50 lakhs. Which means that our car lobby has won and honest taxpayers have lost.”

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