‘Reward for whistleblowers of Benami properties to be increased from 3 to 10pc’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that the reward money for the whistleblowers, helping the government authorities in the detection and confiscation of Benami properties, would be increased from three per cent to 10pc.

Addressing the launching ceremony of the National Poverty Graduation Initiative, the prime minister said amendments would be made in the existing rules to increase incentives for the whistleblowers.

He announced that the money recovered from the sale of Benami properties would be diverted to the Ehsaas Programme – the initiative of the government aimed at the welfare of the poor segments of society.

The PM expressed confidence that the money generated after selling Benami properties would exceed the national budget.

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  1. Banami A/c or property action must be fast and not confiscated should be auction within a week other wise it will be challanged in courts and effort will be useless as our judicery provide the shelters on crimes.

  2. The system is a tool should support the services of the State. True patriotism entails increasing trust in the state, it’s powers & its arms. Those that degrade e.g. by mismanagement /corruption are traitors, & should be held accountable to varying degrees of specific punitive outcomes.

    Surely if a property is BENAMI, then that should be an illegal situation. If a claimant appears, they should pay back taxes retrospectively?

    If the judiciary are not just, then off with their treacherous parasitic overblown heads, for ultimately they are employed as SERVANTS of the poorest of Pakistani citizens, not as masters gorging on a limited public purse.

  3. Banami A/c or property activity must be quick and not seized ought to be sell off inside seven days other insightful it will be challenged in courts and exertion will be pointless as our judiciary give the safe houses on violations.

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