Committee formed to probe irregularities in IESCO

ISLAMABAD: After receiving a large number of complaints, the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) secretary has constituted a four-member committee to probe into the irregularities in the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Pakistan Today has learnt.

Available copy of an office order (dated 3rd October 2019) issued by the Power Division disclosed that the Ministry of Energy has constituted a four-member committee, to be convened by FCC Director Lt Col (r) Syed Saleem Ahmed, to conduct a probe into IESCO irregularities. Other members included senior PEPCO officials Jaffar Hussain, Faheem Aslam and Naveed Qureshi.

According to office order of the Power Division, the four-member committee will inquire the nine repeated irregularities at random places within Rawalpindi and Islamabad circles of IESCO.

This committee will probe into delay in regularisation of temporary connections, especially of plazas; appointment of corrupt officers/officials as executive engineers (Xen)/sub divisional officers (SDO) who remained involved with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), National Accountability Bureau (NAB); provisions of illegal relief in tariff to bulk power consumers (BPCs) and housing societies; wrong calculations of load for high rise buildings, plazas to avoid certain feeder/grids; installations of meters inside the plazas in violation of the policy; illegal credit and fake corrections in monthly electricity bills of different industrial and commercial connections; illegal electrification of private societies; provision of electricity connections in banned areas of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT); and pending cases of large material theft (transformers, poles and cables etc).

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A copy of this office order has been forwarded to the Power Division, PEPCO managing director, and IESCO chief executive officer.

Sources in IESCO said that instead of sending the matters of irregularities in IESCO to FIA or NAB, the power secretary has constituted a low-level committee, comprising PEPCO officials, to probe into irregularities. They alleged that influential officials of IESCO are involved in the irregularities and a high-powered joint investigation team should have been formed to probe such cases.

Sources further alleged that there is no use of this committee as it will ultimately give a clean chit to IESCO officers, as the “incumbent PEPCO MD and IESCO chief are on good terms”.

However, a senior officer of IESCO, when contacted, said he was unaware about the formation of this committee. He said that IESCO has already initiated an internal inquiry into some irregularities and soon the criminals will be made accountable for their crime.

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Ahmad Ahmadani
The author is a an investigative journalist at Profit. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Yes, right dicision but it’s to late, big tosk for this inquiry committee who have nothing enough to meet with challenges because, IESCO runs through Mafia’s since many years.
    In 2013 IESCO withdraw a writ petition no. 1411/2011 before Islamabad high Court which was purely in favor of IESCO but, it was very unfortunate decision taken by IESCO management for withdrawal from, just to facilitate land mafia and their personal gains.
    That poor decision put Pakistan into the way of Darkness, highly inflated tarrif rates, shortage of power, resulting industrial, commercial and cottage industry damaged badly causes unemployment increased the crime rates throughout Pakistan, ultimately social life distruct,
    In IESCO, picking and chose methods applied, no merits at all, bring money and get much more, trust investment Scame of Rs. 120 millions, illegal appointments, many irregular posting transfers, incompetent low grade but Corrupt officers given the chance to achieve their goals is order of the day now.
    Many Corrupt officers and officials sitting on their seats since date of their appointments and from 2000 to onwards, no shuffling of influential Corrupt officers and officials, they are making money and Providing Shelter to Corrupt Mafia’s
    Some of them sent to other companies just to break their stay with the commitment that they will be back soon,
    Surprisingly, they are back by their supporters in PEPCO level
    It is big question mark over the policies of PEPCO, needs to be overhaul institutions first before taking action against looters, plunderers,
    Legal Directorate of IESCO, always tried to dictates and facilitate the Mafia’s involved in corruption and Corrupt Practices, hiring of advts on IESCO panel and granting them heavy fees from taxpayer’s money without delevering anything except making blunders is order of the day.
    There are some some influential advocates who are getting millions from IESCO per month, a Honorable Ex- IESCO Counsel Anwer Kamal Advt is on record that he will never work with IESCO because of IESCO corruption and Corrupt Practices, IESCO withdrawal from writ petition number 1411/2011 before Islamabad High Court was the reason.
    It is necessary to investigate thoroughly, under what authority of law and circumstances a disengaged advocate from IESCO panel in 2011 still enjoying the benefits from taxpayer’s money without having Moral Authority?
    Matter is pending with NAB Rawalpindi Region since 2015, needs to stand with institutions, needs to play for Pakistan, not to play with Pakistan.
    It is time for play for our nation, not for Mafia’s.

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