Customs Peshawar lowers import value of Afghan coal from $140 to $95 PMT

Revised valuation aimed at reflecting changing market conditions for crucial industrial raw material.

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate of Customs Valuation Peshawar has announced a substantial decrease in the import value of Afghan-origin coal from $140 per metric ton (PMT) to a minimum of  $95 PMT when imported into Pakistan via land borders Customs stations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

This decision follows consultations with local importers and traders of Afghani coal in KP and is a response to recent fluctuations in the international coal market. The valuation advice shall remain valid for a period of three months only, from its date of issuance. However, as agreed with trade, this advice could be revised even before the lapse of such a time period, based on the fresh value evidence of coal, if any.

Pakistani coal importers had appealed to the directorate, citing a considerable decrease in the value of Afghan-origin coal, prompting calls for a downward revision in import valuation.

Coal plays a pivotal role as an industrial raw material in Pakistan, making it crucial to align its customs value with current market dynamics. The valuation advice issued in 2022 had set the Customs Value of Afghan-origin “coal” at  $0.140 per KG ($140 PMT, C&F), which has now been reevaluated.

Trade representatives emphasized that Afghan-origin coal prices had seen a significant decrease recently. They also proposed that any revised value should be in effect for a limited period, allowing for future adjustments based on evolving price trends in Afghanistan.

Following a comprehensive assessment of all relevant factors, the Directorate of Customs Valuation Peshawar has determined that the import value of Afghan-origin coal should be a minimum of  $0.095 per Kg ($95 PMT) with immediate effect. This valuation will remain in place until any further revisions are made.

Customs Collectorates have been instructed to enforce this new valuation rigorously, ensuring that no imports or clearances occur at values lower than the newly determined benchmark. However, import declarations indicating values higher than the prescribed amount will still be accepted.


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