Lucky Motors, and Honda might just upend the auto finance market even if it’s just for a few months

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, both companies are in uncharted waters with their new schemes


  1. This is just a temporary measure being taken as prticular stock like Honda CRV/BRV and kia Sorento piled up. Once the stock cleared, both will go back to looting people and will not repeat the mistake.
    why Honda is not offering city and civic and kia Sportage on zero markup fir instalment ??.
    Sorry to say, the behavior of Pakistani auto assemblers is similar to cartel.
    In Pakistan Suzuki Alto is available around 30 lakh and in india the same but with full featured, available 4-5 lakh indian rupees almost 13 lakh PKR , why such massive price being charged to poor pakistanies already liosing purchase power day by day?? ,
    Are not they all behaving like cartel??

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